Copying Executables


Often i fire up the eve client, i select my character i want to log on with, that fails and then this comes up, takes a few minutes to get to the end then I can actually fire up the character, why is this message coming up and how (if indeed i can) prevent it.

Did you download the full client?

Laucher is bugged for some reason it wants a full install even though the game was playing

I’m certain they will fix it… eventually. All we need is patience and a bit of faith.

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Inside the Eve Online folder ( be it in C:\EVE or %ProgramFIles%\Steam\steamapps\common\EVE Online ) there will be a series of is a app-1.x.x folders, I am suspicious this is the content deployed by the ‘copying executables’ step, but have not had the need to investigate in detail.

I suspect this would be why the client starts, realises its out of date and then tries to go again after unpacking the new binaries.

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thanks all,

yes full client was already installed