Core X-Type Large Armor Rep buff

It seems the idea of Core version vs Centus/Corpus ones was to be more cap-friendly (400GJ vs 450GJ) for the expense repping power (1288 vs 1449).

But the problem is no one in a sane mind would use it on a BS chassis (=choice core vs centus or corpus)! Because the BS has relatively big CAPACITOR, so this benefit could easily be ignored.


We have beautiful case with GIST vs PITH shield x-large boosters!

While gist version has significantly less repping power (739 vs924) it also comes with almost TWICE less capacitor usage (400GJ 204GJ) which makes is №1 choice for top-notch meme cruiser hulls (legendary T3/Recon ships unkillable and or Curse!)

So, how about we tweak these CORE repairers in a similar manner? Yes, large ones cannot be fitted into cruiser hulls, but they can be used in a semi cap-stable battleship fits, thus, removing the necessity to fit additional rigs/modules for CAP-REGEN!

Decrease capacitor usage of Core X-Type Large Armor Repairer from 400GJ to ~225-250GJ (because core generally sucks!)

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I like Core - it definitely doesn’t suck.

no ! its fine fine ! you need a better cap management then it doesnt care anymore !

Core X-type is something between A-type and B-type (centus/corpus) by repping effectiveness. But of course, it can be used!
However, it’s always better to sell X-type (core) on market and buy, say, A-type (corpus), get INCREASED effectiveness and also get some money “back”.
With current prices the difference might reach ~100mils!
Again, you only need it as an X-type if you really crave for that 50GJ difference.