Corin Raven: Died how he lived

It has fallen to me, as the leader and spokesperson of the Clan Raven to announce that Corin Raven, Hero of the liberation, has fallen. He was last seen in Clan formations against the Blood Raiders and the Blood Clan Raven in Null Sec. He was instrumental in bringing down the cathedral that harbored his wayward nephew. Upon the cathedral’s fall and the traitors of the Blood Raven clan’s execution, we were set upon by the principalities of the local space. He remained behind, with a select few of our bravest warriors to allow our safe return to Matari Concord space.

We are unsure as to his fate at this time, but he is assumed dead/missing in action. His clone was not activated upon termination, we assume the signal was cut during the ensuing conflict preventing his resurrection, or maybe he was too old and tired to continue and decided to go out in the only way he knew how, how he lived. In blood and fire.

There are some older capsuleers old enough here to remember how he inspired the Bloody Hand, now flown by the Ushra Khan. His old haggard instance on flying out of date Scythe class vessels in conflicts with the CVA, PIE and Amarrian forces.

We know this will be hard on those who knew him, those who fought by him and those who were inspired by him.

To us, in what is left of our scattered clan, it is a tremendous loss. We shall be performing our own private rite around the sun of Sakulda in the coming days. And leave Khumaak’s in his honor.

We ask that you allow us to mourn the loss of one of our Clan’s legends and one of the finest examples of a generation we owe so much to.


"In rust we trust."

My condolences for your loss. May your clan’s rebirth honor him.


Spirits know we did not always see eye-to-eye, but still this is such a loss.

Good luck to your final flight past the Evil God and onwards to the ancestors, Bloody Hand.

My condolences to Clan Raven.


His methods were… debatable for sure.

A debate, perhaps for historians, and for when we are beyond mourning.

Many thanks to you both, sisters. We are honored by your prayers for the Bloody Hand.


Where in null was this? It might be possible to go looking for survivors.


Rest in peace…


Somewhere around CVA space. Near New Amarr. We’d send in a search party but sadly we have few resources after the final push.

We lost more than we gained, but the gain was worth the cost at the time.

So we thought. Losing Corin was… well. I personally am still trying to come to terms with that.


May our Ancestors greet him with open arms.

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