Clan Raven: A Delcaration of War

After 13 years of internal strife, we have finally slain the traitorous ex leader of our Clan, Ashe Raven. His self proclaimed Blood Clan Raven is now nothing more than a dry ash heap on the deserts of forgotten history. In this change, we have restructured the Clan and disbanded the Neris Sisterhood, No longer will we focus on the tenements of misplaced faith, but follow the true path of the Minmatar with a focused goal. The defeat of the Amarr Empire and their Caldari allies.

To this end we are formalizing our alliance with the Tribal Liberation Force and will be targeting Amarrian and Caldari targets within the next 24 hours.

We fly with the colors of the bloody hand as our banner.

We will end the march of slavery. We will liberate those still in chains and we shall see the cities of Empires that profit and build their structures on the backs of our brethren burn in fires brighter than the suns they orbit.


Welcome to the Warzone, Let our Alliance know if we can support you in any way? ships, ammo or copious amounts of Amarr blood to paint your ships.

o7 Pol


I will be in contact. We want to paint our ships deep in the blood and ash of our enemies.

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Huh. A half breed abomination joins the fight.

If Giaus Kador were only here to see this.

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Now there’s a name I remember

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Well, there’s a name I have not seen for a while.

Congratulations to Clan Raven for a job finalized and welcome back.


It’s an honor sister. now the rebuilding begins.

As for Ashe Raven, his genetic material is now ash and cinder, burning up in a long forgotten star. Even we would not even take his corrupted water.

The tragedy though of our scattered clan is only compounded by the lost 13 Waterstones. But we will find them, even if it takes a thousand years. Our Clan will be whole again.

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Hopefully the next step is loyalty to the Mandate, the proper place for your people.

There is only one place for my people. it is not under heel to anyone man, anyone empire or any anyone mandate.

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We have heard such threats before. Forces more insidious than your corrupt state and it’s decrepit allies have tried to destroy us. We are still here.

You are welcome to try.

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Unlike your puny “Republic”, our State is not corrupt. I’d like you to cease your groundles allegiations. We are ran by a group of highly merited CEOs, who earned their positions by climbing corporate ladders, and not by a blind fool and ex-criminal (he was a raider, if I am not mistaken), a “Republic” where politics is decided by putting opponents to a knife (like it happened in YC110), and the only ‘empire’ of New Eden where a criminal group (Angel Cartel) could claim whole planet for themselves within their border. Not speaking that Republic being known as the one of the leading factions by illegal humman-traffiking (again, executed by said Angel Cartel), but dares to bully their neighbors about slavery without solving that issues first within their own borders.

So don’t dare to tell me about corruption in the State having so much issues in your own garden.

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We’ve lived with our “Issues” as a matter of culture for centuries before you even became a space faring race. What you see as petty feudalism and tribalism, we see as a mark of culture that has made us a force to be reckoned with. True, you see division, we see diversity. And what we have in diversity we more than make up for in sheer numbers of unity should you try knocking directly at our door.


Your Republic is still the most criminal and corrupted entity in New Eden. It is warmongering, bullying and belligirent entity. Your so-called “space faring race” was easily stomped down by Empire about thousand years ago, submitting yourselves into slavery. How disgraceful! Do you know, that of all the major Empires only Caldari never developed slavery or never participated in that as being enslaved? For us Honor is more valuable than life, we will chose death instead of pitiful life as slaves, unlike your people.

And no, you aren’t really a force to be reckoned with. You are mere like criminals that pop out to stir issues and start wars. I wonder, how long your Republic will last if Empire will gather all their golden armadas and send them all in to steamroll you down?.. I just don’t understand why they tolerate you for so long. Tolerance is a weakness, they just make you commit you more crimes instead of putting you all back into chains.

Well, if the Empire won’t, we surely will after we will defeat the Federation. You will learn what does real war mean when you will see properly organized Caldari fleets mopping floors with remains of your raiding ships. Your pathetic terrorists with your terror motto “Fear the tribes” just have no chance against trained military personnel of Caldari State.

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Last I checked you supported a trade that more moral societies would consider criminal and corrupt.

Our wars are to ensure our continued freedom, That includes bringing down your market forces.

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I can handle being a criminal. I am after all from the clan that inspired the Bloody Hand organization. Maybe it’s time we lived up to who inspired them.

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I’ll grant you this. Tolerance is weakness.

So I’ll be sure not to tolerate any unsanctioned Amarr or Caldari presence in Molden Heath. How does that sound?

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Considering I never did such a thing, now I wonder, were you hired by Gallentes to troll the forums on you’re like “Arrendiot ver. 2.0?”

Criminality is not something one could “handle at being”, since it means failure at handling acting within set of rules and regulations to achieve your objective.

Presence of our troops was sanctioned since Republic broke peace with the Empire.

But are you really strong enough to have a meaningful say in the matter?