Corp Ammo Dump?

So someone has probably already suggested this, but here goes… What if…

There was a feature where corp members were able to dump Charges (ammo, cap boost, etc) in to a shared location. Then, the corp is able to limit withdraws to X number of charges per member, per X number of days? This would facilitate sharing of charges on-demand for individual players and the withdraw limit would serve to mitigate abuse. In addition to the limit on withdraws, I’d also think that a log to show who has been withdrawing would be super useful as well…


Why not just use the market?

well, alot of ammo, especially from missions is pretty worthless to trade on the market in small quantities… also, when fleets are forming, or if a FC wants folks to use a specific charge, this would facilitate distro of those charges to the folks. just grab from the ammo dump and go…

In my alliance, the responsibility is on each of the pilots to make sure they have the proper ships, fits, and ammunition, and it’s worked out pretty well for the 4 years I’ve been in it.

I’m not exactly sure the benefits of this would be outside of this one particular niche use case scenario.

Item withdraw restrictions in any form beyond take-all shared hangar use and password-protected containers within those hangars would not work well in EVE. (Permissions can be set up so the containers themselves could not be removed from a take-access hangar, so ammo could be placed in those containers and access restricted in that fashion.) The intricacies of EVE don’t permit such a feature to exist in a practical fashion whereas it could/does work well in other MMORPGs. The closest thing possible that would be vaguely feasible would be something like daily ISK withdrawals or daily ship repair budget similar to other MMORPGs… and that also would not be worth implementing. I’m afraid this idea is dead on arrival.

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