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Today I put an application in to a corporation that I really wanted to join and had gone through significant research and put the time in to fill the application out truthfully. I submitted screenshots of character selection screens and provided auth access to every character on my accounts. I have played on and off since 2008 and I checked all accounts associated with my email to make sure I was providing all the information.

I have 5 different accounts associated with my email. Out of those 5 there are 2 which I am sure were just trial accounts and had 1 character each with less than 1m SP on them. There is my original main account that has 2 characters on it currently but had 3 characters before I purchased MCT for the 2 other accounts and decided to transfer my old main to my new main account.

To the question. The interview seemed to be going ok, but then I was asked what I know of a character named andrede. That was my druids name back in WoW in BC days so at least 12-15 years ago. I am normally quite attentive to proper capitalization so if I had created the character it would have been Andrede with a capital A. I have no other memory of this character. I may have created it years ago and biomassed it but I’m not sure.

When I wasn’t able to answer the question my application was rejected. The only thing I know was they said there was a named asset. I did a search of that character and it looks like they had a loss in Black Rise early in 2021. I wasn’t even playing the game at that time, and I have never been to Black Rise, so guessing that if I had biomassed that character back years ago the name was picked up years later?

I’m kind of boggled and honestly a bit disappointed to be rejected due to something I don’t remember. Is there any way I can see if I had biomassed a character. With the auth the recruiter saw it somehow. I want to know what happened there and how I can avoid a similar situation. The current andrede is 100% not my character.

I respect the corps decision to reject my application and wont name them. I was just hoping the community could provide some insight on where that characters name is showing up and if I can show that it was biomassed many years ago if I had created it?

an old email may have the characters name in it… created in 2012 and biomassed into the Doomheim Corp. Not sure if this was your character. but There is a Andrede created in 2016 and is currently in a FW corp.

I genuinely can’t believe that people still do this.


that was my first thought… any corp that wants that ■■■■, i don’t need to be in.

on a side note, i recreated a toon that was biomassed by someone she was sold to, and she doesn’t appear in any search

And then they wonder why people play solo.


Well one side of the coin corp spys/theifs are a real thing. BUT with good internal control/vetting/getting to know the people it can be prevented. I normally don’t speculate but it had to be a WH/NS group. Just a fun guess.

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It has pros and cons.

In large corps and corps with a lot of assets&structures I see the need for security. And you want active players, not someone who will log in once every 30 days, say “hi”, leave and claim they are ‘active’.

OTOH, if I want such an anal probe I’ll go on a RL job interview. :face_with_monocle:

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I mean, the characters I used for spying (mostly during my wardec days) had zero ties with any other character I own. Measures like these don’t actually prevent skilled spies from getting through.

It isn’t about preventing spies. It is just a free ego trip for the interviewer. Just like HR in real life.

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Back to the OP’s point:

You’re saying the recruiting corp:

  • found a character in WoW,
  • a completely different game/company from EVE,
  • from 10+ years ago,
  • that may not even be you,
  • that has the same character name as one of your current EVE toons,
  • and that is an issue for them?!

Seems like you’re better off not being in their corp.


The character name flagged in my head because it was one of my characters from WoW. There is a high likelihood that I created a character with that name back in ~2008. I am guessing I biomassed it. The new player experience was different back then. The same character didn’t have the opportunity to try everything. Depending on the job you chose the starting skills were different iirc. I tried a few different jobs back then when I first started. I’m just wondering how that still shows up on my auth this many years later when it would have been a character that was never really used beyond trying the game out. I would really like to know when I biomassed it if I did so that I can understand why it looks deceptive. My guess is it was biomassed to make room for the character that my friend bought for me back then.

So my character that was biomassed, and i just recreated earlier today… tonight when i search her name, it brings her name up twice… once is the biomassed version, and the other is the new version. under EVE who.

your character, only comes up once, as a 2016 character… and the one i linked above is a 2012 character… unless you spelled or did something different, i can’t find just a straight up Andrede from 2008

Something changed with EVEWho, I cannot search corps, otherwise id have did a search under the doomheim corp for an andrede char, but nothing shows up that it was biomassed…

Is this some sort of corporation spy detection method?

Had the same thing happen to me. 5 year vet of TEST, part of their capital group, titan, dread, fax and super accounts all fully skilled and ready to deploy for TEST. I took a long break from the game, returned and re-applied to join TEST, I was rejected because they found a char with the same name as my main that was a member of Goons, but biomassed in around 2011. Simply wasn’t my char and tried to explain as much.

Eve pencil pushers love it though, to them they’ve found a dirty Goon spy. Forget the 5 years of loyal service I put in, I was now an arch enemy. I was going to spy I certainly wouldn’t use the same name as my main!

I know a few people who got rejected from a corp because they knew me.

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It all boils down to one thing :
If he doesn’t want you in his corporation, he doesn’t, period. The recruiter already had their mind decided on even before you submitted your personal information, you were simply humoring him and fellow his friends.

Kipao, it does sound as if you’d be better off applying elsewhere, but I understand your bemusement.

Although the recruiter is under no obligation to give a detailed justification of his/her decision (I assume - check the corp blurb), it surely can do no harm to ask?

Espionage is certainly a career option in EVE, but a well-run corporation will be able to mitigate that sort of risk.

No; I would seek an explanation from the recruiter or from another of the senior players. If the outcome still proves to be unsatisfactory? Cut your losses, and bail.


I would like to thank many of you for the responses and information. To me its less about the corp at this point and more about not looking deceitful. Its hard to remember every detail over the past 14 years. The information I provide is truthful. I dug back into old emails and other information I had. I have 1 account that was a trial account that was never flipped to a paid account. There is a character on that account named Caldari Citizen 1988956611. I am wondering if this character was once Andrede but had the name stripped during Rhea when all old trial accounts that were not moved to paid had their character names stripped.

If this is a the case and the name was stripped during that timeframe I am quite bothered that I become suspect due to no actions of my own. I pride myself in having a good reputation that doesn’t get involved in the shady side of the game. I am not judging people on how they want to play, anything goes here so you do you essentially.

This is something that may plague my account being connected to someone that isnt my character due to a name purge. I have submitted a help request to confirm if the Caldari Citizen was originally Andrede and some sort of reference identifying that there is no connection in the information on my accounts compared to the andrede account that currently exists.

Like I said, its about clearing my name more than anything. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do in this case.

The simple answer is to remove 99.9% of ESI access in particular market which is just used for botting anyway.

You have in fact found a bunch of newbs-corp…move on and find a different, less bone headed corp.