Corp Credits

I think it would be interesting if Corporations would be able to set up an in-corp currency for members. Members would then gain credits by performing actions which contributes to the wealth or success of the Corp, and then be able to cash in those credits in exchange for items.
Gain credits from collecting bounties or mission running (any activity contributing to corp taxes), along with contributing items or be personally awarded/gifted credits from other members. Or just buy the currency with an isk donation to the corp.

As for the items, I see it as a way of bypassing market transactions. Simply dump items into or take items out of a shared corp hangar and due to an arbitrary value you can get credits added or subtracted. As for the item value itself, establishing these values would be the trickiest part as I would want an automated way to set the price for most if not all items and I don’t know if a formula would be adequate for this.

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