Corp Financial/Indsutrial Scoreboard?

Like a killboard only the financials, is there one?

Would be rather stupid to pile everything up in a single spot in a single wallet division in a single corporation … this is eve …

Besides, ISK is a defunct benchmark :stuck_out_tongue:

But it can be used as a tool to “witch hunt” bot corps.

I was thinking more about resources gathered and other metrics, ISK wise maybe taxes but otherwise not useful as you indicated.

But it can be used as a tool to “witch hunt” corps that employ bot corps.

It can’t be a tool to hunt bot corps only. It can be a tool to hunt any active and rich corporation in any part of space, a tool to set right Wardecs, a tool to bash correct Citadels and especially Azbels and Sotyios.

Look how the current Mining Ledger is working - it’s nice to control slavery and put renters under hard controlled taxation. I just heard a lot about shitshow-drama around renters taxation in respective renter’s space.

Look how the current zKillboard is working to sort out possible targets and engagements. As soon somebody will jump into Local in a “wild space”, the first step is to check his zk to figure out about his activity: he’s a baiter, he’s an explorer, miner, solo or fleet PVPer. Based on this info, different reaction will follow. True, somebody is using this concept to confuse their opponents, but that’s possible with a multibox model by biomassing ALTs periodically.

Overall, these technologies tends to some in game exploitations (aka cheating), what is OPPOSED to what the below diagram offers us

I know about it, but then: is it a good change for the game that will facilitate more engagements or just bad free intel tool that will be used to avoid engagements/escalations in possible structure bashing and overall harassing? I see it as both and have a mixing feeling about it:

  1. corps have a right to do their business privately
  2. but if they have nothing to hide then there is no reason to fear having their monthly financial reports published
  3. currently to do basically the same players have to plant spies in target corps/alliances, with the publicly available data that form of EvE activity/content will cease to exist.

It all boils down to what data that “scoreboard” will provide and how detailed is that data.

No. There is too much “offline intel” already, there is too much private information published by CCP through their APIs, there is already monthly MERs. Check the MER and you’ll see who is the richest, more active and where are more possible botters.

Goons, TEST, NC. CAN nothing to hide and they have nothing to fear in their SOV. Other mid- small groups will have to deal with 20-30 bashing Leashaks on a weekly basis otherwise. Now they want even bigger things to bash structures - Triglavian Capitals.

If you like to play EVE by only steal and destroy corporations, than you have to buy and plant spies. If you don’t like to deal with spies, then you have to form a fleet and begin a Wardec/Citadel bashing an watch what will happen. If you don’t like neither of these options, then you shouldn’t steal and destroy corporations in EVE. But EVE shouldn’t be a game where you will load a site page, will check the most active corporation from a dropdown list and will beging the pointed above actions once per quarter.

I could see some mechanic being invented for this. Corps already have a name, stats and a ticker. A sort of ‘corp exchange’ where corps had a ‘corp index’ comprised of some sort of ‘basket’ of ISK earned, members recruited/retained/lost, Corp assets deployed, Kills/Losses, space controlled.


  • Would be an interesting way of getting a feel for what corps are actually ‘accomplishing’ things, and which are on the way down.
  • Might open up a mechanic for using the ‘shares’ of a corp for trading/investing
  • Would potentially give CCP a tool to see where corps need more work/help, where they are breaking the EVE economy


  • Pretty hard to do a meaningful chart or display or search given the literally tens of thousands of corps in the game
  • Corps would have issues with ‘corp privacy’ - not wanting their info to be publicly available
  • CCP would likely break 10 different things trying to get this 1 thing to work

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