Corp HQ and homestation mechanics

I have found myself wondering recently why corp HQ isn’t treated the same as starter-school station for the purposes of remote home station. Is there a reason for this? To arbitrate that a character should always have some corp system set as HQ and to deathclone/revive there regardless of the fact that renting a corp office means rented clone space is available whether you have it set as home or not?

While these rules were set many, many years ago the nature of the game has changed substantially since then with things moving towards a more convenient clone management system. It was unthinkable to have two clones in the same station before but now we have this.

So I think maybe the game could make another logical step towards allowing free and freely available switching of home station to a designated corp HQ, for the purposes of deathclone/respawn and thus close the loop on ridiculous “gotya” problems like forgetting to set up home station or not having JC available (with a clone available to launch to in the target space).

Since we are prepared to accept that clones are freely interchangable anyway via JC, corpHQ home systems retaining clones on ice to always be available should a pod pilot elect to have the HQ become a home station makes sense.

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While at first glance it would be “convenient” to allow this it would be game breaking. The limitations are there for a reason.

Normally you have to travel somewhere to set your clone there with the once a year exception. Also you have jump clone time limitations.

What you are asking for means unlimited instant travel anywhere in Eve all the time.

Simply change the Corp HQ and self destruct. Want to go back change the HQ back and self destruct.

Want to move your whole alliance to a staging area instantly simply change Corp HQ and bam everyone self destructs there.

They should have had the CorpHQ under the 1 year timer not my deathclone location.

The point is that allowing freely changing death clone locations without any penalty for death means that becomes a more useful method of safe travel and must be limited.

Your argument is very weak. Safe travel between highsec school station and corpHQ of your CEOs choice, that they need to establish manually by flying there. No ships get transfered, no implants get transfered, all the materially relevant activities are still done the hard way.

Your position is that because someone can return to home easier that it qualifies as excessive. I see.

When you travel you potentially interact with other players and the environment along the way. What you want is an unlimited 100% safe way to travel instantly as much as you want between high sec and null without any chance of player interaction. That isn’t weak that is game breaking.

It’s already bad they nullified shuttles. At least with those the cost of your safe travel is time and a miniscule chance of being smart bombed.

No it isnt game breaking. How is there any difference between this and a jump clone except one can be done faster. You wanna limit it? Then put another 24 hr timer on it, did it really have to be a YEAR?

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