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TLDR: Wasn’t able to set Home Station remotely. Bug?

Everytime I look for a new game to play I go on those websites that list the games I might be looking for according to the criterium I set in Google Search. This time I was looking for a Sandbox MMO and EVE figures in the list, like the 100 lists I browsed over the years. So this time I decided to try it since I can do that for free and uninstall if I don’t like it.
So I start the game and it chose my Home Station by default, some AIR Program station, all white and sci-fi-like. I’m a Gallente clone and was hoping to operate Amarr. I like to go off the beaten path in most things I do. It’s worked for me pretty well over the years.
After navigating and exploring the different elements of the UI, I discovered that I might set Home Station in another empire’s space. Great, that’s exactly what I wanted. The notification says that I might only do that once in 365 days, so once a year.
So I go ahead and try to do that but lo and behold, the game tells me ‘That Station isn’t a viable candidate’ or rather something to that effect.
The system I tried to have as Home is Amarr and the station is Amarr VI - Moon 2 - Theology Council Tribunal. It has a Clone Bay, too.

Since I didn’t understand what the problem was, or if there even was a problem, I opened the English Help Chat and asked why I couldn’t set Amarr VI - Moon 2 - Theology Council Tribunal as a Home Station in a bid to get some answers.
I have to say, your Help Chat is pathetic.
Why are there so many players in that Help Chat if they don’t intend to help?
Is there a moderator in that Help Chat? It didn’t seem like there was anyone to moderate because instead of getting answers, all I got is ridicule. That’s a very bad way to welcome new players in search of answers.
As a result, I almost left the game and uninstalled but before I took such a drastic step, I searched on Google and found this forum. Hopefully, instead of ridicule, I will get some answers to my queries here.

The game has the option to set a Home Station remotely but it isn’t letting me. Is it a bug? Am I not allowed to do it? Is that option for older clones?
May I come on this forum to ask my questions since the in-game Help Chat seems to be populated by trolls?

Thank you for reading.

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

I believe this mechanic is what you are referencing:

You can also remotely designate any station in which your corporation maintains an office as your Home Station. However, you can only remotely designate a station with a corporation office as your Home Station once per year; there is a 365 day cooldown.

This is from: Home Station - EVE University Wiki The info on this page should help.

I think your issue is the “Corporation” office requirement.

Anyhow, welcome to EVE.

This section of the EVE forum is an excellent place for new players to ask questions.

EVE University Wiki is also an excellent resource.

The English Help Chat can, at times, be lacking; especially due to the complexity of the answer that may be required to respond to a new player’s question.

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@Sere_O_Asis Thank you for your reply.

So as a clone who is not in a players corporation I cannot set a Home Station remotely. I have to fly to it, dock and then set it. It would have helped a lot if the game had some indication of that.
Is it what I need to expect from this game, incomplete information? I just want to know so I can start looking online for answers ( as per your link ) instead of expecting the game to have clear concise instructions or even hints.

I will not ask another question in that chat. I don’t appreciate being ridiculed by trolls in a game Help Chat. I can expect it in a forum, the web is full of trolls, but not in game’s “help channel”. When I logged back in the Help Chat was still open. 277 players in that chat and not one answer could be forthcoming. Oh well.

Thank you!


Very much this.

EVE will hardly ever give you complete information in the game itself. You’ll either have to talk to others, find sources online or go and try it out for yourself if you really want to know how a certain mechanic works.

Many details in EVE are not explained, some not even documented online, and no-one knows everything. Which creates a challenging but fun universe in which always new things can be learned or used to get an advantage over others who are unknown with those mechanics.

Most of the newbie questions can be answered by the ingame rookie help chat (although don’t always expect every answer to be complete or correct) or by joining a good helpful corporation. I’m not well known with the english help chat, but the rookie chat that every new character <30 days joins usually has decent answers for newbie questions when I’m around.

Anyway, to set your home to a new location that isn’t a corporation office, I recommend you buy a cheap shuttle, set your route and fly there by yourself.

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What follows is my opinion, and is subjective information based on my playing EVE for over ten years. Please bear that in mind when you read the following…

  1. The developers have a design philosophy of…allowing players to “discover” this pixel universe called New Eden.

Often times, no documentation exists, period. It’s simply “trial and error” until some player(s) actively explore a mechanic and publish documentation on a game play mechanic in EVE Online.

  1. EVE Online players have produced a wealth of documentation regarding how to do practically everything in this game. Google, if you continue to play EVE, will become a close “companion”. YouTube can also be very useful in finding video "how-to"s.

  2. While it is difficult for a new player to start EVE today, from what I’ve been told by “those that went before me”. It was worse in the past. At one point in time you were simply issued a ship and told to “explore” basically.

New players are often advised to find a corp, or a mentor, in game. It’s very good advice.

And I think it is a result/consequence of the “design philosophy”.


@Gerard_Amatin Thank you for your reply.

That is definitely something new for me, and I agree, it sounds like fun. I also like to research things on the web so nothing new there.

I’m sure I will be inquiring about corporations that want to help players get a grip on the game. I hope to find one where I can learn all aspects of the game.

I can be such a fool. I wished I knew what that rookie chat was for. I thought it wierd that there’s a Help channel and a Rookie chat. I thought it was for players who had little experience with MMOs with basic questions/answers while the Help chat for those who were familiar with MMOs… I guess I overthink things sometimes. :upside_down_face:

Will do!
Thank you, sir.

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With the right skills and a payment of 900,000 isk you can install a “jump clone”, this is a totally separate mechanic, but it lets you “jump” between your clones once per day. that’s about the closest you’ll get to fast travel in eve, see also wormholes and “Pod Express” (where you self destruct your pod and reappear in home station)

Back in the day, every death, you were responsible for paying a cost that scaled with your skillpoints. And if you forgot to pay that cost you got an Alpha Clone that was not big enough for your head. And if you died you would lose a percentage of skill points. Good job devs on removing that mechanic and the only other skillpoint loss mechanic (T3C’s)

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:astonished: That’s Definitely new and different.

I’ve used Google for years. They don’t lie when they say “Google’s your friend”.

I hope I can find videos in Dailymotion, Metacafe or DTube. I have gone from YouTube altogether. I cannot stand it anymore.

How fun. I’ve noticed that games were much better back then than they are now. I’ve tried a ton of new games and I’m very disappointed by today’s games.

To find a mentor would be fantastic but I’m not going to get my hopes up. A good corporation would be a good start.
I appreciate your opinion. It told me a lot about EVE already.
Thank you.

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Thank you for the info. Although I’m not really looking to fast travel but it will come in handy I’m sure.

I’m not sure I would like that mechanic back. It sounds a bit harsh.

Thank you for your reply.

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It’s not that undocumented, but not much organized - and sometimes there’s changes when even CCP is surprised what’s happening when changing a little detail here and there, there’s a huge impact somewhere completely different.
All changes can be found: Patch Notes | EVE Online
It’s just the vastness of rules and concepts and the sometimes surprising results of changes in a complex system that makes the game look like a uncharted jungle. So many players built third party websites and services to help.
There’s much to learn…

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… and so little time.

A home station is a place where you spawn when you die. Nothing else. Typically you would set up your home station

  • to a system where you would expect to have important ships that would replace the one lost when you were podded
  • near some dangerous areas you want to scout, so if you die you can respawn and almost immediately continue scouting/monitoring,
  • when moving ships, to set up the old station as home so when you transport one of your ships to the new station and leave it there, you can suicide yourself to the old station thus saving time
  • setting up a home station remotely, so that you can jump to your new corp’s system without the risk of going through dangerous areas - this assumes you have other means to get your ships to the new location.

These are activities used and invented by players. All we got from devs is the ability to set up a respawn point, in some cases remotely. So, a tool. And some decided to use the tool unconventionally.

So just out of curiosity, what did you want to achieve by setting some Amarr system as your home system? Was it for RP purposes? Would you be willing to travel some 30 systems back to your ships or do you plan to move them from Gallente space to your new Amarr system?

Thank you for your reply.

I thought I would set up a home station in an empire friendly to the Gallente so I would have access to a second market and then also train skills to fly Amarrian ships and use their weapons. I first wanted to be Amarrian, I tried to sculp an Amarrian clone twice but with limited options I ended up not liking how they looked so I tried Gallente and was satisfied with how my clone looks.

I would set up a clone in Gallente to jump back to and basically operate in both empire space. I don’t plan to travel between empires except in a shuttle.

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