Need help

I was looking for a more real experience and unfortunately joined a major Low sec corp what i did not realize what i was getting into i want out. but iv moved my home base and there for my clone to there HQ and the game is telling me i have to wait a year before i can move. But if i leave the corp my home base will be set in there territory. so when i die il end up right back into that warzone.

I may be wrong, but can’t you always have your death clone moved to your starter system?

Even if not, if you die and wake up in low sec, it’s not that difficult to get through low sec in a pod or noob ship. Just don’t afk it.

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I believe what it is telling you is you cannot remotely change your home base for a year. You should be able to manually change you home base by flying to a station and changing it while you are in the station. Just right click the “station name” in the upper left hand corner of your screen (the option to change will be there, in the drop down menu.)


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