Help! My corp has been war decced.......and I'm stuck in the station!

Okay, I admit it, the topic title is deliberately provocative to attract attention.

ISDs, please, forgive me.

I know what to do, when camped in a station, but, I’m here to share some info with new players who don’t know what their options are in these situations.

Almost all new players join a corp at one point or another. Chances are you, my reader, will, too. Lots of corps get war decced, probably the majority.

So, what do you do, if your corp is war decced, and you find yourself camped in station.

Well, if you’ll follow my advice rather than grumbling about being stuck in the station unable to play EVE, you’ll be proactive. You will jump clones and leave your war deccers… languishing, in your pixel dust.

Jump clones, you ask?

The first thing I inquire of every new player I meet is: Have you skilled Infomorph Psychology? It’s a skill listed in the Neural Enhancement section of the Skill Tab on your Character Sheet. That’s the interface that pops up when you click on you avatar’s image in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

It’s not a cheap skill for a new player, but it is probably one of the most effective skills you can employ in a war dec situation against your war deccers, if you are a new player. It’s such an important skill it’s included in the skill set available to alpha clones.

On the most simple level, leaving out nuances of usage for a more experienced player, what this skill enables you to do is create a “spare” clone, which can be left in safety in a structure in another system, ideally far away from your usual ingame stomping grounds, with a ship or two.

Do this as soon as you can afford the skill. Do it before you join a corp! (Who knows you might end up joining a corp while they are under war dec, and it will be too late to do this then.)

When you can afford it, get the skill, train at least one level (that’s all alphas are allowed), go somewhere far away…like 20 or 30 jumps away - across the map basically, and install your clone. (Way back long ago, when I was a newbie and had to fly uphill both ways to get to a station, I did this in a highsec island surrounded by lowsec for maximum deterrent.) Buy a couple of ships and leave them there, too.

This is called planning ahead. Something you’ll need to do a lot of in EVE.

So, back to logging in, after a stint in real life, and checking local, email, and notifications, prior to undocking…and realizing…oops! Reds in system! They’re old characters, probably with better ships! And, rather than whining about your situation, you can do this (if your leadership is absent or hasn’t better options):

  1. Exit your ship, so you’re in your pod.
  2. Open your Character Sheet.
  3. Click on the Character Tab.
  4. Click on the Jump Clone Tab.
  5. Select a clone and jump.

They’ll be a moment of darkness, your screen will clear, and you’ll be 20 (30?) jumps away, ready to reship (from your previously laid in supply), and you can enjoy the rest of your evening, having left your war deccers far behind (no doubt gnashing their teeth while flying to their nearest locator agent to try and find you, again.)

This is one way how you, as a new player, alone in your station, in a war decced corp, whose leadership is not available deal with war deccers.

You can do this once every 24 hours, or if you study the skill Infomorph Synchronizing, sooner (depending on skill level).

It is an easy, effective way of handling a situation on your own.

EVE is a great game, hang around and give it a try.



Haha :joy::rofl::sunglasses: JC and your safe… you need to lern so much more about eve xD

Do like me, station trade and make billions, put alt in high end wardec Corp. I dunno why so many people choose not to be the wolf.

Or you could just undock in your pod and leave… go anywhere you like. They’re not going to follow a new players pod anywhere.

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Just logoff and return in a week’s time. If the WarDec is still in effect logoff and repeat.

WarDecs are broken and CCP has zero intention of addressing anything (along with trade exploit scams, station games, rigged duels and kill right insurance fraud). All you get are null-bears that reply with “hey, it’s working as intended”. Which is ■■■■■■■■ and they know it, because WarDecs aren’t about PvP (player vs, player) but GvP (gang vs. player, or more aptyly - griefer vs. player).

If you prefer to live dangerously, I recommend creating an insta-undock if your home is a NPC station.

Undock in peacetime in a fast frigate and pedal at least 150 km or so from the station. Farther is better, but no need to go nuts with it. I like to use first person mode to level the ship since your undocking vector is a bit random.

Once you are in position, make a book mark.

Later, when you’re at war and someone’s camping the station, you can undock (you are invincible for ~30 seconds as long as you don’t do anything but try to stop), then warp to your bookmark away from your aggressor without giving them a chance to shoot you as you align.

This technique combined with insta-dock bookmarks has allowed me to come and go from my home base and trade stations without much of a problem during wartime.

Insta-undocks are also good for trade stations you frequent, or anywhere you frequent, really.

Do be careful that if you use them in front of an enemy, they may gauge the distance and decide to camp your bookmarked location. The farther your bookmark is away from the station, the harder this is to do accurately. You can also vary your landing point by using the various warp to ## Km options instead of warping to 0.

This Eve University article explains insta-undocks better, and covers the uses of bookmarks (including the insta-dock) in general.

War is not broken … ppl are just not intelligent enough to be smart and avoid or kill the enemy.
Its so fu***** simple :joy:

I was under impression, that you need to have standings to create jump clone… And standings grind is a PITA for newbie.

For a newbro, there always will eventually come the situation when you wish you’d know about jump clones. It took me some weeks to learn about the required steps in clone bay and character sheet.

So this info is very handy - but why the misleading caption? There’s so much more need for jump clones but war decs. In my case it was the need for a “naked clone” for roams. It took further weeks to learn about cheap jumps in citadels and months about the insta-swap in citadels…

In case of wardecs: Avoid hubs, keep local always on screen (red flashies may be keen to kill you in high), and make bold plans how to get rid of the threat (intelligence: what ships do they use, check their killboard infos, their wardec history - planning: Which ships can counter their favorite assault ships, what tactics does reddit or other forums suggest etc). You won’t fight probably, but it’s a cool way to learn.
And for trading and hauling, you need an alt who is not in your corp.

You do not need standings anymore.


And this is a great example of how much some players care about new and inexperienced players…

This poster, like many others like him, doesn’t want the new players to learn to play the game and deal with wardecs and stuff. Even in a thread which is specifically about how to avoid being station camped, he still wants the newbies to ignore those ideas and simply stop playing altogether instead…

Then, in some other thread, he’ll use those newbies quitting as “proof” that whatever he doesn’t like about the game is broken and should be changed… for the benefit of the new players that he’s telling to stop playing, of course…


@Arthur_Aihaken you either have absolutely no idea about even the most basic mechanics of the game or you are deliberately propogating crappy advice to support some narrative that wardecs are scary or something.

Nobody should listen to this guy, if that wasn’t already obvious. Wars are easy to survive or avoid as long as you get trained by someone with an ounce of skill.

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