[Corp] Please update Corporation Logo Tools - at least add green

2023 with the same old Corporation Logo graphic selections and colors.

  • increase color palette to include primary colors like Green.
  • add more graphic icons: basic ships (Rifter), guns, flames, starburst, arrows, 3D letters.
  • fix current Logo color change “submit” which doesn’t save only a color change forcing you to change text also to get color to update on logo.
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primary colors yes green the most primary color of them all

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Green is a primary color of light.

Yes, please!
Also, SCALING TOOL! So we could change size of different icons/layers.

As for colours, I have conspiracy theory… that the scarce of colouring options exists to prevent players from replicating banners of REAL WORLD countries!
Even so, creating a different, alternative palette could be done by a dedicated Graphic Designer.

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Just allow us to upload a profile pic like in every other sort of social media. Let me put whatever graphic I want in there… wait… yep, I get it. It’s going to be nothing put porn, violence, and racism.

OK, so never mind that.

Yes, please update the tool with more icons, colors, options. There’s too much “knights of the realm” and not enough spaceships, lasers, explosions, abstracts, galaxies, planets, moons, and stars.

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