UI color picker - corp logos


Seems like this color picker that was added for the photon UI should be useable for other areas of the game where the player chooses a color. Whether it’s the skinning process, or corp logos, or w/e the player needs it for. You can always lock the feature behind the Omega paywall, just like it is with the picture of the feature I’ve posted above.

The corp logos aren’t really picking a colour, the logos are just different images depending on which colour you pick.


SKINR UI (which likely will be what is used for ships as well in the next expansion.)

It’s fine to have some preset colors / materials, but we should be able to choose any that are available in the color picker (even if CCP wants to charge PLEX for the service - though imo, just having the capability behind the Omega paywall during creation should be sufficient.)

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It would also be good to make the UI of these disparate elements look the same, so the game feels more unified and less cobbled together.

I vote you can have any colour you want, as long as it’s black…

That’s already in the game.

Just prevent pink. The corp logo creator is in need of a massive expansion anyway. Aside of the colors, it needs a boatload more pattern options.

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