New corp logos + colors

this seems like low-hanging fruit. when are new logos and colors gonna be added to corps? i don’t think they’ve been improved in almost two decades. alot of colors like green or purple still aren’t available. :frowning:


The way logos are composed is pretty limited too. The shapes are too complex for logos too. Need simpler and more shapes, need digits and letters. I should be able to start with alpha channel and then add 2 rgb layers on top, 3 objects on each of those 2 layers, and best would be that they can move these bojects where they want, or center them. Top one being able to be treated as the cut out to the one below, so it will be alpha in area where they overlap. This way if people will put a wheel or cog or shield, they could add the wolf head on top and make it apha or some other color.
Colors should be taken from color picker, now its atrociously limited and that is a fact…


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