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Hi. I work a lot (including weekends) and I told the first Corps I joined that I just can’t be on all the time. I guess their nullsec got invaded and everyone had to pull back while I was working and I was kicked out the next day.

Are all corps like this or do some understand that people have a life?

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There are more laid back corps out there. Most corps that have activity requirements usually want for you to attend a certain number of scheduled events. Without bothering to do detailed research on your corp, what it sounds like to me is that your corp failscaded. Usually that involves someone at the top having a meltdown and kicking everyone.

Even if it really was due to inactivity, it might not be because of how often you play, but the quality of your play time. I haven’t messed with leadership in a while, but if I ended up with a guy who hasn’t logged on in several weeks and nobody even knows who he is, what should I think? Especially if I were doing a purge for potential spies anyway in the aftermath of a big loss?

Most corps do not have activity requirements. But any good corp will want to feel like their members are at least trying to be part of the group.



some corps are that way but many are different
so dont take it to serious … there is allways an assh*** somewhere … take you stuff and go on to a better place … check recruitment channel in the forum or the recruitment channel in eve

fly safe



Also possible especially if you were new or fairly new to that corp that whoever was responsible for the decision (one person or several) thought you were a spy alt.


Not every corp is like this but the best corps, as in the ones who care most about winning tend do be.

As others in this thread have said, you could have easily have been a spy alt leaking info and even if you weren’t you have to admit that kicking people who have not engaged with the corp more generally (E.G. PVP or whatever) is an easy damage limitation exercise if a spy is suspected. And believe me, spy alts are rife in nullsec.

Pick yourself up and treat it as a learning experience, not all corps are equally good for any individual player.

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Not all corporations are like the one you describe, no.

Finding a corp that suits you can be one of the big challenges of the game. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work out immediately.

One thing I advise is that when you are talking to recruiters, don’t feel that you are the one in a position of weakness. Interview them as much as they interview you. Make a checklist of the things you want out of the association and push them on answers.

As a very broad rule of thumb, sov owning corporations will tend to need active players, and PvPers. As you discovered, war demands participation. The exceptions are the very large ‘newbie’ alliances. Some like Karmafleet have very basic participation requirements (3 strat op attendances in a 3 month period is the guide, IIRC). Others, like Pandemic Horde, have none at all.

Like you, I have a very busy schedule at work and with other RL demands. I now live in the toughest time zone for activity, AUTZ. I joined PH because I can play when I like with no hassle and there are always fleets or PvP as Geminate is content central. Necessarily, one does not make close friends this way but it suits the way I can play nowadays.

Smaller corporations are better for long term comrades, but will tend to need all hands on deck in a crisis. Again, there are probably good small corps who are more relaxed, its just finding them, and then making sure they fit your idea of culture/humour/activities.

Outside sov ownership, I would guess activity demands are less exacting (though I imagine wormholes take some defending) so maybe FW corporations might be an option?


I like your answer the best and I did what you said. When I talk to prospective clans now I go on discord and I’ve found there are ones that dont meet my needs but still kind of want me and ones that do but dont want me.

Just gotta keep looking.

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You should use the Corporation and Alliance Recruitment subforum :slight_smile:

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