Activities to do alone, or should I just leave?

I’m in a null sec corp, and I play during CET afternoon time (12/17 in eve time). My corp pings it’s memebers during the late evening or during the night, where I either need to sleep or do some real life stuff (girlfriend, family, the usual), pretty much like everyday or so. Totally gave up on partecipating in corp events since I can’t ever be on or I miss the requirements.

Is there a way to have fun as a part of corps but playing on my own or should I just leave the game because real life is just incompatible with an MMO?
What I did so far?
Explo (boring, scan, warp to site, hack), PI (pretty much clicking and passive), tried roaming looking for a fight (never find anyone and I doubt I would ever win since I cannot understand fitting), gatecamped with my corpmates once (boring, need no explanation).
Is skill checking and wasting money on cosmetics considered an activity?
Everything I do seems to be boring, but I keep coming back for reasons I don’t know and I keep wasting money for my sub.

What should I do?
Everyday I play I can’t have fun, which is sad since I like this game.

Don’t tell me to change corp, tried to find people playing in my “free hours” for months, there are none

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Missions, events, DED sites, mining, trade/market, hauling, scamming, kill Upwell structures, etc. … you should find out what do you like to do in game, what brings you back.

May an Australian corp a good fit for your prime time?

EDIT: forgot to mention public fleets like Spectre.

I’m in europe, when I play, it’s the middle of the night in australia. I doubt some people will play during that time. I tried even an australian based corp with an alt. Hardly anyone online when I played

Aussies would indeed mainly be going to bed when you start playing, a good possibility is people allied to Fraternity, they are Chinese and really start going after DT, also some Russians play a lot around your time, so mucking around in Stain might be a good idea.

I am also currently playing alone, what I tend to do is objective based play, but having just completed three objectives I can’t push myself to do anything, I mean two of the objectives did involve a lot of boring mining, but the first one was moving a ton of P1’s out of an asset safetied lowsec system and was an interesting challenge.

If you are not fit to have fun alone and can’t find people to play with I would say that you should find something else to play…

I play this game since its launch and I played 90% of this time alone, 9% with my brother and 1% with strangers… and well I’m still here


What did/do you do daily?
I love to be on my own mostly, I just joined a Corp for some advantages.

Look around and find a Corp active in your TZ. I guarantee they exist. Or join one of the larger alliances, you will find people around 24/7

Sorry to say it but change corps :slight_smile: have you tried a corp thats called brave? Worth hitting them up as they have many members on and a load from down under aka Australia.

I will detail what I did in the previous time I was in hisec, as I have not been back in hisec for long and took a bit of a break. I set myself targets, building an Orca, doing PI, building Upwell structures, trying to develop some T2 production, invention is as painful as exploration for me so gave up on that, so sometimes I just ended up mining, I would sometimes head into lowsec and mine for the danger, I would go to Stain and do belt ratting for officer and true Sansha. I was setting up secondary characters to do exploration and I would at times do AG stuff as I know it made gankbears very salty.

For example I decided to go towards a bumped ship couple of days back and the bumper instantly told me that I was whining on the forums, so I replied that he was whining in local, was funny, after that he could not think of anything else to say.

Well yes, I joined Tactical Supremacy because they were mostly in my TZ and for a period I had a lot of fun, however Fawlty7 had a break and more elitist ex-PL players started to push their stuff and they targeted Provi as Provi is easy and I did not find it interesting, the best part of my time with TS was when PL told us to leave our space so we destroyed their Au TZ. That was awesome and I got to test myself fully and drop dreads and stuff.

You might want to join them or put a character in there for fun. I am not sure about the requirements in terms of your other characters, but you might have a look. Brave are fun and I have a lot of respect for them during my time in Legacy, Brave rock big time.

I am in your TZ sort of so you could always look me up in game and perhaps we can help each other keep interested.

I do a lot of industrial stuff on my own, but I’m not sure how that would work in null. I do like it though. I usually build tech II guns and tech II ships. The invention process is a little weird at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll have more tech II blueprints than you know what to do with. I think you should ask your corp members or ceo about doing industry and see how it works out there.

If your corp likes some ships or modules, you could produce stuff for them, and then sell in hub. Making money. Like in the gold rush, those who build fortunes are sellers of shovels and mining picks.

If you can operate solo there is lotsa stuff you can do, go run some abys sites, anoms, hell, go to HS and run missions.

If you are group PvP oriented then unfortunately your best bet is to pick a different corp alliance. Join one of the big ones and you will never lack for people to play with.

If you do decide to join another corp, just make sure you leave on good terms, pay back anything to anyone you might owe, explain to them whats up etc, don’t just bail out.

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