Happier running solo

So I tried joining other corporations again but again I find myself not liking the vibes, one corporation is cussing at members another has the insider club which you are a member of the corp but not interacted with in no shape or form even when you reach out.
I’m done, solo play was great because you don’t have that expectation of interaction and no one cussing you out not because you yourself did something but other members did.

As CCP continues it’s attack on solo play I find that I am less satisfied with the game, I reached out by joining corporations on more then one account in different areas of the game so I can try them all, more then a month later I feel deflated about playing, I don’t know if other players feel that creeping feeling of removal of solo play but it feels like it to me.


It takes dedication to keep going through corps until you find a good one. In hi-sec most will accept you regardless of whether you’re a good fit or not because they can make risk free money off your activity.

But what particular change was it that inspired you to start looking?

Sounds like those were bad corps. There are plenty of them out there, unfortunately.

Maybe you might find something useful in this:


As long as you set your expectations on solo goals and don’t expect to accomplish solo what teams can do, don’t expect CCP to create UltimateSoloShipThatDoesEverything there is no problem with solo.

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Captura de Tela 2020-07-07 às 20.29.12
my 500 + solo kills disagree


I agree, CCP has really killed group indy and mining corps. I was part of a 65 player corp and with the changes that came in early 2020 most of them left the game. I then found a 35-40 player corp that was heavy mining and production corp. The changes to the moons and the nerfing of the belts drove all but 5 from the game. It really sucks when you find a good corp with active players that use discord, just for CCP to drive them from the game.

I am not sure if CCP is trying to drive indy and miners from the game!?

I know that lazy Devs/ game production pushes PvP because it takes little to no dev time to PvP. Have you noticed how hard CCP is pushing everyone to PvP only?

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Good question to which I would say that as high sec shrinks in activities that many freely enjoy I guess I wanted to see if moving characters around various areas would help and give that social aspect boost of interest, it hasn’t, especially since what I am experiencing is either that group within a group and the others that are left to fend for themselves and have become accustomed to it so they don’t or won’t reach out for group activities, sorry for the long explanation.


When he seen the mistake in your creation.


You clearly dont know your scriptures.


Goodluck running solo in a game where its culture is on to 110% dogpiling numbers, as much gank and Pay2win advantages as possible on your ass, purely in thirst for greener killboards, rather than giving even the sligthest ■■■■ about the 2 ways e-sport/exchange possibilities.

You’ll soon get pretty bored of it quick, trust me.

As you just did with forum trolls like Nicolai Serkanner or Ramona here, simply here in thirst for imaginary green forum killmarks …

There are better games/community out there for sure.


I certainly concur, I am with a group of AG players that also do ally defensive war decs. In truth though most of us hardly do any PvE or indy at this point, with a couple doing the odd bit of PI just to have fuel for the structures which they don’t use apart from attracting war decs.

I went to try mining two days ago, but the rocks were so small that I gave up after twenty minutes of re-allocating a mining drone every three minutes. It was truly annoying.


People have a habit of being disappointing in various ways. Most due to a lack of effort or IQ, others due to a lack of character and more often than not it’s a combination of all.

In real life I’m in the position of being able to avoid the unwilling and the unwanted for the most part so I’m certainly not going to let those folks ruin my gaming, it’s why I can’t do big corporations as there are simply not enough quality people to fill up that corp. So as a tip for the OP: don’t aim for massive corps but instead put in the effort to find a niche one that matches your level of activity, drive and goals.


Have you considered that ‘more PvP = more demand for miners and industry’?

More PvP is a good thing for you as miner!

What is it that you see as an ‘attack on solo play’?

EVE is a MMO and one of the only MMOs with a main focus on interaction with other players. But solo play is possible as long as you understand the limitations of it.

Very much. Some of my activities are solo only and they work out fine, some are better or require a group and they’re also fine. In my case I use different characters for it so when/if people become exhausting I simply retreat to my solo characters for a bit, they’re my money makers anyway.



Just the lazy ones and the ones who are afraid …
… and the ones who don’t actually play, because they’re afk.

But besides that has mining and industry not been this profitable since ages.

It’s really interesting to see how many people have no idea what’s actually going on with the game.

I believe what he’s actually referring to is “afk gameplay”.

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That’s probably the point. It’s annoying to all the old players who have been spoiled by the ease and comfort. New players won’t mind, because they don’t know better anyway.

Btw, Hek had pretty big rocks.
It’s as if barely anyone ever mines there.

If this was true you’d not be around anymore.
Which makes you either a liar, or pretty stupid.

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My creation? Which one would that be?

Ah, and another infamous one for fishing forum Green.

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