Corporation and Alliance OverHaul

Below are a list of recommended changes to the corporate, alliance system. they are very significant changes so bare with them i will explain after i list them.

  • Corporation skill now provides 50 population cap per a level

    • All other skills to increase population of corporations removed.
  • Alliances renamed to mega corporations

  • Mega corporation is now the primary skill for Mega-corporation (alliance) creation.

  • Mega corporation skill now expands the max number of corporations by 3 per a level

New Skill Added - Military Strategies

  • Military strategies now dictate the maximum number of war declarations by 1 per level (total of 10, 5 base)

New Skill added - Alliances

  • Alliances No increase the maximum number of alliances by 1 per level (total of 10, 5 base)

Skill Changed Sovereignty

  • Increases the maximum number of systems a megacorp can control by 2 per level (5 base).
  • Required to claim space.

Mechanic Changes

  • War Declarations are now required in nullsec to challenge an megacorps sovereignty
  • Systems now have an upkeep of 10 million Isk per a alliance member, per system (capped at 250 million at 2,500 max population).

Alliance / Corporate Creation

  • Corporations and alliances will not longer have tickers.
  • Logo creation has been changed.
  • Logo’s Color are now extended to full hexadecimal code.
  • Logo’s now have an option to apply a border
  • Various types of background options added (octagon, hexagon, etc)
  • All current icons have a standard color (white) to apply proper color scheme of hexadecimal system.

Overview changes

  • Mega corporations and Corporation ticker removed from overview options.
  • Rival, War Target, Ally, Friendly will no longer be changeable.
  • Criminal and similar Status will now reflect as yellow


  • Alliances will not have an option to declare their attitude toward someone neutral, rival or friendly.
    • Rivals will reflect orange
    • Friendly will now reflect teal
    • Every day alliances have mutual status (if both declare each other friendly) the will gain a set amount of reputation (-0.10 to 0.10)
    • Declaration of war can only be launched after the aggressor (one issuing the war declaration) has -5 opinion of the other party.
  • Non-Friendly or non-allied players will no longer be able to dock at your stations (default)
  • Structures will have an option to flag themselves “free ports” in which all players can dock at, however, this will be set for both rival and allied players a like.

Wars will not take on a new “victory” bar. As systems are lost, and players kill the bar will progress an amount for each action.

  • Structures will still follow the standard death cycle process but may be transferred in peace negotiations or loss negotiations.
  • Systems will no longer transfer ownership until war has been concluded either at 50% or 100% negotiations ('nice space, well take it!")
  • At half value either side can purpose a non-aggression treaty preventing war between the parties for 3 months
  • At 100% victory the war can be concluded by the victory obtaining space over its enemies.

Structures will no longer exceed 80% refine rates
Structures created by players will now only reduce repair rates by a % (up to 30% based on modules)
5% tax will be applied always through out new eden on market transactions, and npc factions will charge an additional 5% in high sec which can be removed by gaining reputation with respected factions.
A new module can be added to Structures which will now offer agent access to the corporation selected by the structure mananger
Agent level will now be based on on the module level

Alliances need to return to a natural life/death cycle state. The age of immoral alliances and massive power blocks needs to be removed from the game. “large fleets” are relative to the number we set forward for the game. Eve has set records that will likely no be touched by other games for year to come, however, we have learnt that this type of pvp really at this point in technological capabilities is not as good as one would like it to be.

Waiting hours to pvp, to have slow returns s not optimal going forward so a significant amount of these changes were suggested to reduce the size of entities and to make power blocks significantly difficult to accomplish and maintain.

Docking changes were created to help make renting difficult, or at the least, come at the cost of a vital “allied spot”.

with the application of a new “progress or degrees” political system, and a stream line application of automatically applying specific access/benefits for each type, there should no longer be a need to manage, set specific political positions via the gui.

This should also make it more valuable to keep the same friends over years which will give value to coalitions going forward.

With a reduction in size of corporations and alliances, we will see more of them in nullsecurity space. and the over view changes will help prevent alliances (megacorps) from making “out of game” political arrangements.

The transfer of system mechanic will help provide war some value in nullsec and paired with the sov upkeep isk requirement returning help fight inflation in eve, specifically at its source.

The creation of new logo’s should also help improve the corporate emblem and with the removal of tickers from corporations and alliances, corporations nad allinaces should be easier to form not having to sit hours on end to find something unique.

Steam lining the tax system in nullsec stations will help help fight inflation at its source. Allowing players to maintain near perfect refine rates, and low taxes from stations has long been a big issue for the over all economic health of the game.

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Are you going for EVEs most epic troll posting because if so, I formally declare you, ‘trollmaster for life’ and in return all we ask is you stop posting forever now that you have achieved that lofty title.

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TL:DR Neuter the entire social aspect of alliances/corp and impose artificial restrictions.

TL;DR: Grrr Goons

Typical low effort proposal. Get out there and change the meta yourself and stop being so lazy.

So making more entities kills social interaction?
Makes sense.

ps. Also, it nerfs others.

setting system control limits for entities would require the power to be split between multiple factiosn sure, but would someone create multiple accounts to maintain the sov/avoid sov turnovers? yes.

that’s my takeaway from this thread anyway.

which is why the diplomacy system was changed to limit allies, and to prevent temp standing to circumvent that so they are forced to ally the same people, or kill someone in the fleet battles. i have already made suggestions to counter work arounds for these changes. it will for the most part make coalitions no longer exist, unless the dev team adds a mechanic in game for it.

I kind of like some of your ideas in isolation, but as a whole this seems far too sweeping and far-reaching while not really seeming focused on fixing anything.

TL;DR: another person who doesn’t understand that EVE had alliances long before they existed as an in-game mechanic makes terrible suggestions for player caps that will be immediately bypassed by anyone with any creativity at all.

Waiting for examples of how you will do this, because being a player that has been here literally since the game launched, i am pretty sure you do not have bring anything new to the table.

prove it, in game your character was born Feb 15th 2019…i do not think you know anything.


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