New Corporate and alliance Structures

Concepts for ways to spice up corporations.

Forming a player entity (corp and alliance) in eve now grants options, specific to their level.
Corporate and alliance structure types

A single Leader forms and controls the entity. Power is only passed by direct appointment of another. (current corporation mechanics).

A single leader forms and controls the entity, who then can appoint up to 4 other individuals. any of them can vote on the voting system. Acceptance and remove of new corporations require vote.

A single leader forms and controls the entity. Power is shifted by election votes. All members of the corporation automatically have rights to vote. Acceptance and remove of new corporations require vote. all alliance members can vote. Only the leader(maybe ceo’s can get permission?) can launch votes.


  • Remove support system it really provides no significant function to alliances out side of being a fear to the entities leadership.
  • Clean up alliance ranking list into Sections (numbers, a, b,c etc) that are collapsible on the gui. alternatively a search option would be great.
  • Add “apply to alliance” on the gui window for a ceo to apply (like a player can apply to corp by viewing its information)
  • Create a manual in-game submission for custom logo art, and remove the yearly, population requirements.
  • Create an alliance management gui, that invalidates the need for alternative corporation.
  • Enable the management system to designate titles like the corporation, but limit it to list only ceo’s and directors of member corporations
  • Create alliance hangers
  • Create a log system for corporate hangers, and alliance hangers

You can do all of this with the share system. You may notice that no one uses the share system for this reason.


Which support system are you talking about.


Theres a reason why the custom logo art requirements are there.

If you want a logo, get enough people. otherwise, we dont need every single alliance, ever, to have logos.

Also, I feel as though this is your real reason for bringing this topic up. You want an Alliance logo, but you dont have enough people, because your Generic Corporation #71839104 cant get enough people to pass the relatively easy requirements.

Everything else you mentioned though, im fine with.

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Remember the thread where he was “looking for help”, which was basically him begging for ISK so he can create an alliance, because he’s too poor to pay for it himself and putting effort into what he wants isn’t something can, or wants to, do?

Pepperidge Farm remembers. :slight_smile:


Also, hes a 2003 player. And a prodigy developer.

We musnt forget how amazing a player he is. Therefore his voice matters more than ours.

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In ways you could set up corps to some of it (the voting aspects) with shares, sure, however at that point your sort “jerry rigging” the current system, and it’d be nicer to have a clean system that simply just allowed you to do it this way.

Plus if someone leaves, you have the problem of them not giving the share(s) back and that causing drama and people knowing whats being voted upon (which is big if the vote is some sort of secret vote on who to war dec etc).

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