Corporation Logos

I know this topic is old, but CCP its time to make some money from it.

You can just bill Like US$ 100,00 for the logo, contract a person to do the review and profit from it.

Its pretty obvious its a good incoming source, Why not ?

Stop denying us that, CCP wake up !!!

:red_circle: Why should something like corp logs cost additional RL money? Why would someone in their right mind even suggest something like that? And why even? You couldn’t even come up with a great logo for your current corp. Even though the layer options are limited, people have been able to come up with remarkable designs for their corp logos. And then there are people like you, who have no talent whatsoever. So, the rest of the cluster wouldn’t just have to deal with a bland default design logo but very likely with an even blander personalized logo. Great perspective.

On the other hand, you know what would be nice? If your system was introduced and you have to pay 100 Euro to get your personalized corp log and then you have to pay 100 Euro per week to maintain it. These 100 Euro subscription fee only include up to 100 corp members. For every additional 100 corp members, you have to pay an additional 10 Euro per week. Even more money for CCP. Do it!

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