Come on CCP, It's been almost 20 years

Of all the things CCP could do to improve the game, to make it feel like player organizations stand out from one another, updating/adding more symbols, layers and colours to the corp creator has got to be near the top of that list.

I think this is the only part of the game that hasn’t been touched in 19 years. Seriously CCP is it not a priority for you to make one of the most important player elements in the game feel interesting, aesthetically pleasing and unique?

I guess it’s just not obvious to people who don’t play the game but me and my friends are so tired of seeing the same 20 logos and the same 7 colours being used over and over and over and over and over and over again…

You can spare devs for other dumb ideas cough dr who event cough and make-work projects on things that don’t need fixing, it would take a very small amount of time and resources to bring the corp creator into the 21st century and would go a long way toward improving the player experience.

Edit, sorry for the misunderstanding:


How many corps is in the game? Thousands at lest. Now imagine that CCP needs to hire a group of people just to check and approve all of them. You really expect this from them when they can’t even seed blueprints that are main part of a patch?

Ignoring all of that. Corp logo is last thing I and many care about. Your reputation makes you recognizable not bells and whistles you can look at when docked in own station.

Why would CCP need to hire a group to check them? It’s the corp creator not alliance creator and corp logo submissions are automatically approved when submitted. Even doubling the number of existing symbols, logos or colours would go a long way and wouldn’t break the game.

Fair enough, it may be your reputation which gets you recognized to experienced players but some of us with OCD and newer players especially are drawn to a solid corp name and a logo that bears resemblance to that name.



(though that has a raging fist in the logo for age 12).

Y’all want heavy regulation on NFT’s in games so… there it is. No logo without checking PEGI 12. I don’t think they want Goatse logos in game.


Terms states

So, extra checks on 13…18 year old player logo submissions.

Perhaps you can submit some solution using machine learning though they tend to overfit, and have to be supervised and monitored by a human. Even if it was outsourced, it would still cost and it would still land on their plate legally on any problems.

If you think PEGI is not enforcable? See UK enforces Pegi video game ratings system - BBC News

Guess I’m missing something but can you explain the relationship between Eve corp logos and PEGI, NFT’s or submissions by players between 13 and 18 years of age?

Are you saying that the dev team has to check every corp logo submission that is created for every corp in the game to ensure that it doesn’t violate trademark regulations with other games? For instance, creating a corp logo that looked like one of the many Warhammer logos? Whenever I have submitted a corp logo in the past it is instantly accepted when the corp is created and doesn’t appear to undergo any vetting process whatsoever, which is why this confuses me.

Are you saying that there are additional checks made for corp logos by players age 13-18? How does that process work? If someone did create a logo that conflicted with trademark regulations, would the logo be immediately rejected in the corp creator? Or would the CEO of the corporation in question be asked to change the logo after a period of time when the dev team has gotten around to reviewing it?

I’ve made (and seen) a fair few corps with logos that directly resemble logos from other games, so I can’t imagine this is the issue, if I am understanding it correctly.

Even so, whatever system is in place, CCP seems to have managed to make it work for maybe a couple hundred basic symbols, 16 colours and 3 layers…While it may be a bit more complicated than I had thought, as previously suggested, after 20 years and for the sake of a a lot more variation, I still can’t see why they can’t, say, double the number of symbols and/or colours available in the corp creator.

Not saying the improvements need to be groundbreaking, any kind of expansion would be welcome after all this time.

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People seem to misunderstand: OP is not asking for players created logos, he’s asking for more base options which is (relatively) easy to do and makes good sense.

I would add to that to increase ticker size to 6 because right now it’s nigh impossible to come up with a ticker that’s not already taken.


@Brisc_Rubal Low hanging fruit!

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Player created logos and skins and all that fun stuff wouldn’t actually be that hard to manage, either. Eve is(or was, at least) a reasonably unique game in that the player base was willing to do a lot of seemingly odd things for a game, up to and including the likes of Project Discovery.

To manage ‘acceptable’ logos and skins, etc, all CCP would need to do would be harness the player base’s willingness to do stuff again by making another Discovery esque process of some sort of LP for sitting there clicking acceptable/Review on a series of things for hours on end.

That being said, yes, this thread is about adding more objects/images to the pool, not giving people the option to add their own. I did see that some of the old corp/school logos had been cleaned up recently*TM, though, so yeah, CCP is doing some work in there.

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you do know there are several different kinds of devs in CCP right?

the ones who were behind the dr who event, have no control over more logos for corps.

each team in ccp have specific roles @Brisc_Rubal or @Mike_Azariah can explain that to you if you don’t understand.

while i will agree however, that more logo options would be nice, as well as an extended ticker

The color selection part is also really weird and doesn’t work the way you would expect. It leaves you with a surprisingly small number of color choices.

I do understand that. I’m not suggesting that the devs who coded the dr who event are responsible for all areas of the game or that they are the ones who thought it would be a good idea to implement that content (though i’m pretty sure they were forced to do it at gunpoint as anyone who isn’t completely out of touch with the game would have known it was a bad idea.)

CCP leadership has the ability to delegate more funding to specific projects, delegate tasks to devs, hire more devs for certain departments as they see fit and so on. Saying they can ‘spare more devs’ is a simple way of saying that someone in the company has the influence to control what gets done, a simple way of saying that said person or group of people should divert some of the resources being spent on useless projects to something that players care about.

CCP’s entire MO is to milk Eve for every penny they can get out of it, health of the game be damned, and blow that money on a half dozen doomed to fail projects a year. They have a long, LONG history of doing this, instead of re-investing that money back into the golden goose to make more money.

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i’ve always felt shafted that we don’t have a wide color palette, i mean i get its dark and grimy out here, but yeesh, let us have hot pink or neon green. :stuck_out_tongue:


Then perhaps they can give a wider and better choice of player avatar backgrounds and poses also.

The game could certainly do with a more epic feel to it…or at least something that induces the player’s own sense of the epic. One thing that really needs updating is the music.

Just turn it off and play your own music.

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oh come on EVE soundtrack is SUPER epic
second only to nine inch nails quake 1

click on this site and see for yourself

Give a group the freedom to upload their own skins / logos = penises. Penises everywhere…unless checked, and this would mean needing a large amount of people to check them.
I would rather the people were used elsewhere to improve the game.

I’m more of a fan of the female anatomy

but whatever floats your boat m8


An update to the corp logo design system would help a lot with another request people often ask for: alliance and corp logos in ships.

The detailing on some logos, the backgrounds, and their colours don’t work well with all hulls or skins and is the primary art and QA hurdle to overcome.

Examples of random corp logos (as they are) on current ship decal locations to illustrate: