Corporation or affiliation to military

When joining something like the John ambra novacane. I’m sitting here with this cold Corporation you cannot quit I’m asking or communicating with people not trying to be off-topic or anything like that what are people’s opinion about this. When you cannot make any progress in with the people you’re supposed to be with and the person who is the main CEO has very good standings but yet you are trying to rebuild from a loss of your previous high or null Sec residence in a federation. I’m hoping this topic will be understood in taking people of the development Jean telling me that it’s going to take a little longer and everybody’s having trouble getting into their characters. Here’s a photograph of this people and I have no idea why I don’t get any invitations or letters. Complete silence for almost 9 months. Give me your feedback!

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wut ?


He is in a corp that is in a 1 corp alliance.
They are probably engaged in some empire militia.
They want to go out of empire militia.

Instead of waiting 24 hours, right click on your name in local, under “quit corp”, select “confirm”, bam! your out. No wait time.

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You never make any sense Marcus.

At this point, it’s probably better for you to post on the Russian part of the forums.



people tell me and call me a troll and say I don’t make any sense what’s the hell use of you having a forum or Eve online on anything. I sit here and try to cooperate with other people enjoying this pretty awesome thing like going to a Star Trek or science fiction convention. Come on people I’m listening to you and some of the comments are obscure

People tell me that you don’t make sense, because what you write does not make much sense. In case you speak german try the german part of the board instead, because here we’re all having a rather hard time comprehending what the ■■■■ you are trying to tell us.

Your english. It’s bad.

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Just working with the community what’s the problem

Holy crap that hurt!

Do you actually understand when someone tells you that your english is so bad, whatever you are trying to say is barely decipherable?

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