Corporation Remote Influence

are you flying an ORE ship?
or is your ship on loan from your corporation for some fleet fight or mining operation?

then perhaps people in positions of authority in a corporation / NPC corporations should be able to remotely influence a ships stats by some means.

perhaps using the repair service and making it useful, you could pay for a singular subsystem / module to be placed onto your ship. which if need be can be remotely activated by someone of appropriate rank in your corporation.

I see this more from an NPC corporation view point, like ORE for example, they design the ships and sell the blue prints, people make them, however these ships are often blown up more than they ever earn. talking from a strictly within the world mind set, if I was a high end employee of this company, you bet your bottom dollar the boys down in the design department are going to get a solid talking to about the ships very design.

assuming the mindset of an engineering in this company and the marketing boys come in and give me a talking to for a solution, I would probably advise one of two things.

  1. allow ships to be modified for a fee at local repairshops
  2. implement a module within construction which we as a company can remotely access to provide struggling capsuleers some kind of temporary assistance.

with that said, why not allow player corporations to do this too, perhaps the repair shops could be used to upgrade ships to a “corp” ship in a new catagory of the games inventory.

someone is in trouble, someone in the corp, hits a button on their ship, maybe in a station or something like that and boom, they can help in some capacity.

would have to be a one and done deal, no n+1 factor, so some kind of effect, but I wouldn’t go as far as to assume any kind of over shield, damage resists or repair rates, ultimately this is a concept which I think is cool.

“in our corp, our ships do X, in that corp, their ships do Y Another corp has Z on their ships”
but what it is, I have no idea. just think there could be some kind of neat factor like that.

hell maybe the person in charge of the activation doesn’t even have to be in a station, perhaps they simply need to be online at the time and the whole thing is automatically done.

typically people will think of combat but perhaps there are other factors involved which could be explored instead of just trying to minmax other things.

in fact perhaps by adding this aspect to a ship you immediately gain whatever effect it might be, however you’re no longer allowed to apply modules which would permit a min/max style fit.

in my mind this gives the ships more soul and tapers the game play experience into fit exploration and uniqueness of build rather than raw DPS or ISK per hour aspects.

just food for thought.

I like the idea but It could become over powerd

Sounds incredibly lazy. “I can’t be bothered to go out in space to assist my corpmate, so I’ll just press some stupid button that helps them somehow.” Also just adds a chore for anyone in those “positions of authority” since now someone has to be online to press the “assist idiot miner” button all the time.


Barges and Exhumers getting blown up is good for ORE.
They get to sell another ship.
The real world analogue would be “planned obsolescence”.

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