Feature Request - Ship Tracking Device for corporate ships

It sure would be nice if corporate ships could install a rig which tracked it’s current location, or the location where the rig was removed.

This would allow corporations to give more access to ships and still maintain some kind of control over them.

Also, secure containers with a cloaking device… But mostly ship tracker rigs please.

Thank you.

One problem. A disgruntled corporate member, takes his pod out of the corporate ship in mid space, and contacts a ganking corporation to gank the ship, and not to pop his pod. Then goes back to HQ complaining and lying that the ship got ganked , and his capsule got popped, and he lost his implants, and wants reimbursements.

How does a ship tracker work in this situation.

It’s not so much to know where smashed/ganked/stolen ships are but to know where active ships are.

Just like the UPS guy, who damn well better be sticking to his delivery route and not stopping at his girlfriends house clear on the other side of lowsec.

Since everything escalates to a crime in Eve… Handy thing to install on a ship your contract selling if it’s undetectable after install.

Who would even waste a valuable rig slot on this…


Map for fleet members or corporation window for all corporation members. There are places that show where your friends are.

uh mate, killmails don’t lie and they certainly don’t exist without someone exploding, so yer example’s a bit weird.

No. Go away.

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Name checks out.

Not all corps use the kill mail system. Some corp owners are dumb enough not to even ask for a pod destruction log, and consider the pod was destroyed since the ship was destroyed as well.

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It ceases to be a corporate ship the moment it is transferred into a personal ship hanger for boarding.

I am not so much opposed to the idea as I have to wonder what it’s supposed to be good for? Would people really use this?

What’s the value of knowing where a ship you handed out is? Also:

Our corp is a trusting corp, we have support ships which are shared among corp members, pulled from corporate hangers. As such, they get left here and there.

We have rig space to spare on such ships.

These aren’t gunboats. … Just Utes.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

At this point your posts are just shitty spam.

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