Tracking Agent Idea

so the idea of a tracking agent has been discussed.

I’d like to throw out a concept and see what people think

basically a standard locator agent/

however it will automatically search your intended target in intervals.
a level 1 agent might search your target every 10 days automatically
where as a level 4 agent might track your target every 6 hours.

I feel like you should have to pay for a number of searches up front, then you just get the information over time, but i feel like this would create a lot of logs to do in the server.

what does you guys think?

I feel like this steers things in the right direction.

I don’t think automation of this process is something the game needs.

If you want to track someon you should put in effort.

Running dozens of automated Alpha clones to track dozens of characters all day long for weeks without any effort from the player does not sound like a good direction for the game to me.

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no one said anything about alpha clones.
but i see how pitching different levels of tracking agents would open that opportunity up.
so it raises a good point if the tracking agents would have to be omega only, probably a fixed level.

maximum one per pilot, with a variable but low frequency.
hell why not once per day for a maximum of 5 days.

it was something the community has touched on before, so i’m just knocking ideas around

Even with restrictions like ‘omega only’, ‘one per pilot’ or ‘once a day’ I still don’t think automation of this part of the game is a good idea.


Unless they are level 4 only, you couldnt make agents omega only without screwing others up.

true, but similar to capital ships putting it behind a pay wall is an idea.

but honestly i’m inclined to agree with Gerard, the nature of even is meant to be social in its style, so if you want to get info on someone, you need to find someone who is an info broker and have a shady meeting in a bar somewhere exchanging info for ISK Bonds or something.

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How about putting this into the game?

Going to my locator’s office every time gets boring. Plus, we could find all the shady bars and lounges in a system or constellation. :wink:

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Tracking players can be social indeed!

I know my alliance has a channel where you can request other players to track a name. Really useful if you are not in a position to track someone because you are not ingame or are occupied elsewhere in the game.

this is why i thought a tracking agent would be good with limited information to make it easier on the servers.

having an actual shady bar to go to would be kinda cool though.

I’d love to see a VR chat style experience like the nightclub in the deathless, where you can go party in VR within EVE Online.

that’ll be pretty rad.

that’s pretty cool, but tracking also stops when the user gives up or has enough, with open source information you only get certain data, my idea was in essence like an automated located once per X hour or Per day, just to help people along with doing intel gathering.

I’ve been advocating for bounty hunting for a long time, something like that would go a real long way towards it, intel work is a LOT of heavy leg work and people don’t usually appreciate the effort that goes into it.

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I have 13 characters spread over 8 Omega accounts. Your idea would give me the ability to have nearly real time intel pertaining to someone’s location with minimal effort on my part. I just zoom my preview windows onto wherever the display for your locator agent pops up, and I don’t even have to alt-tab to that alt to read it.

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Probably you could use even more alts without even having to sign into them by using API calls instead. :thinking:

I don’t know. I think I’ve used a locator agent all of once, and don’t have a reason to. I do know that if someone like me who doesn’t use the system can see an easy way to abuse it, that it’s probably not a good idea to start with.

you raise valid points, well then instead of a live update, it could be submitted in the style of a report.

what would be easier is if it only tells you where someone logged in/out and at what times, what systems in known space they jumped too.

this way it shows you more of a where they’ve been and when, this would basically sift through existing data stored by the game, instead of waiting and tracking for live updates.

Now you want to track logins and logouts, and couple locations you do that thing in?

Are you f%$king insane.

You want anyone who has the isk to spend knowing every single system you keep stuff stored in? Forgive the language, dude, but holy s%^t that’s stupidly easy to abuse.

Who dafuq needs spies anymore when we can give CCP isk for most of the same f%$king information. :roll_eyes:

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its not accessible to us players but log in and out times would be stored and where you jumped to, specifically i’m talking about jumping to systems not what stations you dock, given that most systems outside of null and WH space have multiple NPC stations finding what station you were in would be difficult, especially if the search was retro-active and delivered as a report.

I couldn’t think of any better way for you to tell us you have no earthly idea what a JF route is, or how they work. But yeah, if you wanted to screw over nullsec, this would be about the best way to make living there virtually impossible.

But you don’t care at all about how you’d screw over everyone else, just so long as your game play gets easier, right?

Would be pretty unbalanced to have an automated relay bot that posts the current location of all enemy fleet commanders and their known alts in an alliance-wide channel every 10 minutes, simply by setting up multiple automated tracking agents on various characters that allow ESI access so the relay bot can read the ingame mails.

A real time relay of enemy fleet positions wherever they are, whether they took a wormhole, filament or are hidden in an empty system, you don’t need scouts or spies anymore to track them, because it’s all done automatically and live!

Right now this requires human action, but your suggestion would be the last step to automate the full process.

Not a good idea.

Aside from fleet commanders it could keep track of jump freighter pilot locations too. Live updates.

Any restrictions like ‘but we only get automated updates every X hours’ is negated by adding more characters to fill the gaps until you have updates as often as you want. And most EVE players have plenty of characters to do that.

Instead of yet again going further into detail of this suggestion, maybe go back to the start of the suggestion and rethink if this suggestion “to automate tracking of players” is a good idea after all.

P.S. I do not think it is.

the Contacts List used to work kind of like this. It would alert you when someone on your list logged in or out and didn’t require them to have you on their contacts list.

this was removed some years ago, for very good reason: it made SuperCap hunting way too easy.

your concept would be even worse. We could very quickly build up a picture of a targets login habits and what areas of space they’re active in with very little effort.

your primary arguement here is the idea of live updates:

you could have a 24h delay on even receiving the report

no need to be hostile, you said it yourself i clearly don’t know how JF’s work, there for is an error within the design concept, this isn’t about making MY game easier.

this is OUR game as a community and if this suggestion leads to an unfair advantage then please be kind enough to do something positive and propose an idea regarding this concept which would allow players to have the information, but not put players at immediate risk.

besides if JF’s go from cyno to cyno without using gates, keeping to the revisied version of what I’ve posted you would only get a retroactive report (and not a live feed) of…
player login and logout times
which gates they’ve jumped through and when.

but alas, the name of the game here was more regarding the play style for infobrokers to have tools to dig or sift through large amounts of information allowing them to have less paperwork and more social interaction within the community for those shady meetings i mentioned before.

granted what was intended vs how it’ll actually is used are two different things.

so with that, i’d like to bring this conversation to an end and request this thread is closed.

thank you all for your feedback.