Corporation Shares (owner closure)

I still own 1000 shares in two corporations. I’m looking at hem right now actually, and would like to reopen the doors, but they seem to be welded by the spirit of BOB.

That’s why there are limited corp names and NO good tickers left. Maybe I should just start another one. And another…

If a closed corp must be sealed by eternal damnation… DUDE! Clip the ticker! At least clip it’s ticker.

I do not fully understand the original poster’s post, but I agree with his sentiment.

If a corp is closed, why not remove it’s shares and ticker?

I tried to regain access to an old corp of mine, because of its name and ticker, and was told I couldn’t. The players aren’t playing, and that name and ticker are taken.

I don’t want to lose the corps I have right now, but if the corp is closed, it’s closed, right?

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