Corporation theft

What happens if I steal equipment parts, ships, etc. from my corpo’s hangar? Am I likely to lose reputation, to be assigned a bounty or even a criminal record that would make it impossible for me to return to another corporation…

Lose reputation? Only if people know it was you. Social status affected? Again, only if people know it was you.

Assigned a bounty? The in-game bounty system is long dead. There are player-run ones though. Others can still put a private bounty on your head, or pay mercenaries to make your life miserable.

Criminal record? No such mechanic, there is only reputation in this game. Security status (the -10 to +5 number) is not this.

thanks mate
know imagine that i stole somes items and leave the corpo, they will know it was me.
So what will happend ?

Up to them.

It’s a sandbox MMO. They could sit there and complain. They could just talk a lot. They could form fleets and run locator agents on you and try to make your life hell. It’s up to them.

This is what makes Eve Online, Eve. This is an old advertisement showcasing this behavior:

And the second one:

Ok ok thank’s

You will get richer. Others get poorer. If they find out it was you, you might lose their trust and get expelled from that corp. If it becomes known to a new corp you want to join, they might not accept you or never give you any access roles.

Besides that, not much. It’s very unlikely that anyone will try to “hunt you down” over it. Of course it can happen, that in a few years when you have your own corp and are very rich, someone steals from you as well and drops you a notice “hey guy, remember back in 2023…? :).”

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nothing will happen… maybe you get kicked out of your corp if you do it on a realy stupid way but what should happen ?

You might gain reputation!

Fly like you stole it !

If it’s small stuff: Probably nothing.
If they feel annoyed: You and all other suspects will lose access to the hangars.
If they feel betrayed: They kick you out of corp and shoot you at sight and tell their friends in other corps that you are dangerous.

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