Corps all seem the same

Is there any REAL difference between corps anymore? The only noteworthy corps seem to be V0LTA, PIRAT, CODE and a few others I don’t recall, otherwise the only difference is that they’re fighting for alliance x again y, instead of for y against x. Most corps seem to be very badly managed and far too casual, hence the noteworthyness of V0LTA. I’ve not played in a few months and wanna catch up on the politics, especially after the dead co collapse.

It is easy to find superficial corporations. It is a longer, but more rewarding, search for the right corporation.

Eventually you need to take the leap of faith by joining, but have plenty of conversations and do lots of research before joining.

In my experience the best corporations are the ones I found that are not actively seeking new membership, because they are achieving their goals naturally, as successful outfits do. It takes a little bit of hanging back, flying around, taking notes of who’s doing what, and where, and approach the organizations you notice working in the areas of the game that interest you.

Your best bet is to get the attention of someone important in the corporation, and have a conversation in which you try to find a mutual goal, to see where your skills overlap with their needs. You might find yourself having to make a case for why they should bring you on. This is the sign of a corporation that has a clear purpose and careful approach. As long as they are not taking themselves so seriously that it spoils the mood, that is healthy.

This is the best approach to finding a corporation that is doing something off the beaten path. There is a wide range of interesting corporations doing niche activities having little to do with maximizing ISK. You realize there is a nongovernmental organization operating in nullsec to keep a specific region neutral and trade friendly?


Well said, its true continue your search you will find a corp. that fits you and you fit it.

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