Social Corps Out There?

In the recruitment section Corps are categorized by what they do: pvp, pve, mining, low-sec etc etc. They don’t seem to be highlighted by other things such as; social, just for chat, place to hang out.

As a new or returning player I don’t really have any ambition in Eve other than to experience as much of it as I can and hopefully make some friends along the way.

So my question is this; what is the best way to find an under-achieving, aimless corp full of great people who want to have fun above all else and make some friends while doing it?

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Just because the corporations tell you what part of the game they play, does not mean they’re not social places for chatting, under-achieving, having fun and making friends.

It helps if you too have an idea of which part of the game you wish to play while chatting to your corporation, because you won’t really help each other out or fly together if you’re mainly in FW while the corporation lives in WH space, or the other way around.

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Look for the dime-a-dozen corps with bios that have everything listed as what they „do“:

  • Mission Running (teach you how to „get rich quick“)
  • Mining with free boosts (also „get rich quick“)
  • Abyssal runs (never together though)
  • Exploration (never living in K Space though, at best daytripping)
  • „PvP“ (listing this ticks off a check box, they never do it)
  • optional: Faction warfare (this means farming for ISK not actually PvPing)
  • SRP (because losing ISK is not their idea of „fun“)
  • Ore Buyback (so the corp can get rich off your back)
  • Newbie program (99% that list this don’t actually have one)

Avoid null sec corps as then you’ll have an obligation to overachieve.

The social part is joining and pushing the CEO and members of such bland copy-paste corps to actually have fun. Good luck!


You can also consider joining public or even private chat channels either instead or parallel to joining a corp. :bulb:

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You can look for discords like USIA’s. We are a service, not an actual corp but we have lots of guests who have used our services or just come and join for game knowledge.

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Please consider joining my Kingdom of Bretonia corp. We are not aimless, but we are quite new. All of us are finding our way and the corp is still forming. We are at 20 members and our aim is 40. We have not yet done our first corp fleet-op! We would love to take on some new frens <3

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