Correcting T2 Plate Recipes


I am reacting alot of Moon goo and I have wondered why there is such a discrepency in the racial alloys. It would make sense to either need a fuel block from the same race the advanced moongoo is from(Helium block for Tungsten Carbide) or everyone needs a racially different fuel block then the adv moongoo is from eg. (Nitrogen block for Tungsten Carbide).
But right now its not consisent as Fernite Carbide breaks the rank:

  • Tungsten Carbide(Amarr) needs Nitrogen Blocks(Caldari)
  • Titanium Carbide(Caldari) needs Oxygen Blocks(Gallente)
  • Crystalline Carbide(Gallente) needs Helium Blocks(Amarr)
  • but Fernite Carbide(Minmatar) needs Hydrogen Blocks(Minmatar)

So I think it should be either one way or another; either same on same or for example the FW adversery.
If this is a bug then please move it to the bug reporting section of the forum.
Screenshots for reference: CC Alloy FC Alloy TC Alloy TitC Alloy

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