Cosmic signatures random?

(Ser PodriK PaiN) #1

Are cosmic signature randomly generated or are the same signatures always the same ? can a wormhole become an data site on vice versa ?

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(Archer en Tilavine) #2

Random. Random. Random. Random. Random. Same with most (but not all) Beacons.

(Ser PodriK PaiN) #3

Thank you !

(Retribution atSubZero) #4

Find Space Oddessey. I’ll give you 100 million isk. Why?! Because if it still exists it’s hard to find. It was a David Bowie tribute, hardest to find in-game? Plus pointless, so there’s some reason!

(Buoytender Bob) #5

I think you mean Space Oddity; Major Tom, David Bowie salute.
Space Odessy could be the Monolith, but that one is easy to find because It’s always full of stars.

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(Adam Zamoyski) #6

There you go my, found it yesterday was shocked i managed too, really nice tribue to David and major Tom. :slight_smile:

(Archer en Tilavine) #7

@Retribution_atSubZero looks like it’s time to pay up, bitch :joy:

(Retribution atSubZero) #8

OMFG…you win, I’ll send as soon as I log in, man of my word. I used a completely maxxed out probe ship with RSS probes and still 10 mins? Do I regret my reward? No, I’m glad someone else found it.
Thought it was a LSD-related flash-back perhaps? The whole Ziggy Stardust thing.
Paid, enjoy.

MORE PRIZES, when I get more isk.