Cosmos and DED environments

So with crimson harvest over, some of us noticed that when you warped to the site it gave you a special back ground / nebulae to view that was not part of the standard background list. I did these in gallente space and when the green nebulae goes to gold, you take notice. Well with that in mind it’s time to bring this back to our favorite cosmos agents and ded complxes. These added depth and immersion into the game. Bring back the beauty!

Please note this is not my video. I used google.
Hyperbole Nexus

and also Green space tornados. 57

I don’t see how it adds depth and immersion. Currently (from like 2012 on) the backdrop is unique to every system, you can see just about every star and nebula in their own spot in the sky.

Potato Computer!

How it adds immersion? Easy space is not always supposed to be the same, after a while the same environments get boring.

So for the non vets here is what it does. Using the hyperbole nexus (please bring back lore CCP) it had a special environment with unique phenomenon in the back ground. This back ground + the lore pop up gave meaning to the area. It established how the local environment allowed for faster than light communication. So the pop up + the back ground gave the area meaning and a reason to visit cosmos agents. There were soo many places with so many unique environments it was beautiful. Seeing the same thing over and over can get boring.

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