COSMOS areas

There is a place in one of the cosmos areas, i think it was at a planet or moon… and had drones there… but regardless of that: when you warped to the location it looked like an electric storm (green iirc)

Cant remember where it is and would dearly love some help in locating it, tbh i thought i had it bookmarked but apparently not :frowning:

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All those environments were removed several years ago when the new shaders et al came in.

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Yeah, CCP removed the ‘special’ graphic aspect of those missions.


At least I got some screenshots of how those mission sites use to look.


well that sucks… nice screenies tho!


This really does suck, i was hoping to make some ingame type footage for an explorer recruitment ad, wanted the strangest backdrops cus many people will never have seen them before no matter how well travelled :frowning:

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Closest thing to these now are the Abyss area’s.

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too well advertised to feel strange and mysterious

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CCP Art Team has been updating some of the old regular sites, for example like the updated graphics effects done to Space Stonehenge.

And yeah, it’s not like the old Cosmos sites.

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