Cost of living increase and time in EVE

Eah, I know some people where their real life did pull them away from EVE such as losing Internet for a month or two or can’t pay expenses and things like their EVE sub has to go. Happens to everyone even FCs.

Besides the point I don’t believe we need to start mixing real world changes and issues and putting them into EVE. Starting to see more and more threads talking about how EVE should be more like the real-life economy.

As for your ships argument there are plenty of ISK generators in EVE that anyone can farm to get the most expensive ships. I never really seen a cost-of-living expense in EVE myself. I will only consider it when my ammo costs more to kill the NPC then its bounty XD

The changes that ccp did to mining and production plus the loss’s of subs have driven the prices up i believe.

Seems logical

A lot would have to happen in the real world to affect a video game

How viable is that? I did the math on the market and you would need over 2 million skill points a month to afford your omega subscription in plex selling skill points. Assuming I still want to progress in the game, at that point how many skill points will be left over to use to progress at all if any. Not counting the fact I’m currently not allowed to train in alpha either because I’m over 5 million skill points so I would need to sell a couple battleships to even buy the skill extractors to get started or pay to play.

Even if that is viable it doesn’t sound very fun and a waste of time which is the most expensive commodity. There would be more players, less that leave, and more fun if the game wasn’t so taxing, in more ways than one to boot.

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 6.48.42 AM

You would be nearly breaking even using this method. You could easily make up the difference by running a few abyssal sites, or doing a few missions, or doing some casual market trading. Anything you would make over the 1.5 billion you need to buy PLEX, minus what you get back from selling your SP, would be extra money used for asset progress and/or selling less of your SP every month.

But if your situation is such that spending $15 a month (or less, if you mix it with in-game grind) on a game is impossible, you have more more pressing issues in life than not being able to plan an MMO video game.


If you use your SP to pay for omega every other month (one month cheap/free omega but no training, then one paid month with training) you would essentially be paying half the normal subscription price to train at half speed, while being Omega full time.

SP extraction nearly pays for omega by itself (with perfect remap and two +5 implants you can get just short of 2m SP a month, 1900k or so if I remember correctly) so, like Destiny Corrupted said, you can easily make up the difference.

Half training speed for half price is not the only choice: you could also choose any other ratio between full training speed for full subscription price to 0 training speed for 0 costs if you extract all your trained SP to cover the majority of the Omega subscription, depending on how much spare money you have to spend on a video game.

If interested, you should do the maths yourself and see if it is worth it to you.

I like Eve Online, so I want it to survive. Of course there is a limit to what I’ll pay, but considering that real life inflation, affecting customers and providers, is a thing, I would pay more for my Omega. And here’s some iconoclasm: Alphas can pony up $5 dollars a month after their first 3 months.

What I see from the chart is plan your attribute rebalances carefully for best results. Good stuff.

You can have up to 20 mil SP with the use of skill injectors.
You can use Daily Alpha Injectors, small skill injectors or large skill injectors.

the alpha injectors are used once per day, and gives you roughly the amount of SP in one day that you would get training regularly.

Alphas are not as limited as you guys like to think you are.
besides you can’t even skill extract at 5 mil SP, you need a minimum of 5.5 mil SP, so you would have to inject 500k SP to be able to extract it…

according to evepraisal, Daily Alpha injectors are going for 40-45 mil per injector. those give 50k SP per day… a Large Skill injector gives you 500k SP.
Cost: 645ish mil.
10x DAI = 450ish mil.

so you can inject one DAI per day for 10 days cheaper than buying one large skill injector…

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A large injector only gives 400K when you have 5 mil SP or more. It’s even more advantageous to use the daily ones.


you’re right, I was thinkin the threshold was higher than 5 for some odd reason for the Large

true point either way before 5 mil or after 5 mil, the alpha injectors is the more affordable option, you just won’t see the SP as quick

1 Large Skill Injector
661.1 Million estimated sell value
616.7 Million estimated buy value

10 Daily Alpha Injectors
440 Million estimated sell value
398.4 Million estimated buy value

Everything has already been made way too easy over the years. No thanks.

Battleships and capital ships are really fun to fly not everyone wants to fly shity little small ships forever

those tiny small ships are just as important as the big ones.

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yeah and they are fun for the first decade, after that you kinda wanna fly dif ships

Just loose half of them.

Also… small ships are more fun.

That’s why people left in 2003! :smiley:
Large ships are for large organisations. You either build up a production chain or ask the government (CCP) for tax exemption. Be Jeff Besos. :smiley: Best bet is to review your corp. Your alt’s corp as you are just a forum alt.

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