Counter to long range cloak ships

Currently Im wondering if there exist a good counter against long range cloak ships. Lets say, a BLOP attacks from 250-300km. How could you counter that? Because you’ll never know from what direction it will come next, due to ability to move relatively fast around a huge orbit, while cloaked.

I can only imagine some kind of very fast tackler or long rang targeter at the own side, but still, nothing prevents such a ship from warping away… isnt it?

Im not very familiar with PvP in EVE, so Im asking.

I don’t understand what you want to accomplish.

He wants to accomplish : you understand his questions.

HE’s talking about cloaky ships, I think. That remain cloaked at 250km and then warp on their target and eat it awhole.

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what I mean, are ships that decloak at 250-300 km, stay at this range and attack from this range with long range weapons, like BLack OPs can do

The only ships that can do that are carriers. No other ship can lock beyond 250km range and a black ops fit for that range is literally so shitfit that I lack the words to accurately describe just how shitfit it is.

If a ship is 150km or further away, you combat probe it down and warp to it. If it’s any closer then you really shouldn’t have any problems nailing it down with either an interceptor, or an Arazu, or use micro jump drives, or whatever floats your boat. There are plenty of ways to get into tackle range…


There are ships that can be used at that range effectively, but a black ops is not one.

only a cruise missile widow can hit from 250 … missile flight time is over 20 seconds , so you can just warp away …
if you’re defending a structure , fit up a scorpion and jam him . people flying expensive ships hate that ■■■■ … :slight_smile:

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