🌟 [COURIER SERVICE] "Moonfire Service Provider" connects you to JITA!

If you’ve been looking for the one solution to all of your logistics problems, you’ve found it. Moonfire Service Provider offers an army of Freight pilots, lightning fast delivery, and we’re looking to expand our operations in the space of south New Eden. We handled an unprecedented volume of cargo during the FIRE evacuation, handling 1,980 Jump Freighter runs in three weeks time. Collateral has no limit. No collateral is needed, our pilots are verified to be trustworthy, you can rest assured your order will arrive.

We ask that you have a few considerations before requesting that your alliance be added to service locations. Alliances looking to receive services should be reasonable in size, ideally 15-20+ active people. We’re offering services exclusively to Null Security residents and looking to focus expansion on the south of New Eden, such as the regions of Feythabolis, Omist, Tenerifis, Immensea, Detorid, Insmother, Scalding Pass and others.

If you would like to inquire, please join the Discord Server or contact me directly.

Discord username: MOONPIRE.

Server: https://discord.com/invite/SW2Zch9RUT

Calculator: https://moonpire.com/

MOONFIRE Service Provider, EVE Online’s Largest Courier Service - How to Make a Courier Contract

Бюро услуг MOONFIRE, крупнейший курьерский сервис в EVE Online - Как сделать курьерский контракт

Promovideo (ru): https://youtu.be/PUxb83K7gdw

Some facts:
20 Jumpfreighters available at once

Usual volume per month is around 250.000.000m³


I’ve been using Moonfire Service Provider for a little while now and I couldn’t be happier with the service.

Never before have I encountered a more adaptable and friendly service in my time playing Eve. Moonfire has moved my Jump Freighter for me, a Rorqual, and a hundred and fifty billion in cargo value at least.

Moonfire has also helped me move my Nyx, and rescue my Jump Freighter when I got it caught in a precarious position.

Suffice to say, I won’t be using any other courier service anytime soon if Moonfire is an available option.

I used and use the services of this courier. He was a member of the coalition of fire. Everything was always done on time and even faster, usually the deadline did not exceed 1 day. Once a month, a full cargo freighter of 386 thousand cubic meters and a lot of small things worth up to 11kkk. Everything always came complete and whole. Once, at the request, a jumpfrater was taken from north to south. With the flight of the Fiery Coalition, Moon carried out all the logistics for the removal of assets. According to the proposed routes, there is even the export of assets from the so-called safe stations, where they ended up after the destruction of the structures. Decent carrier.

Great job! No fuss, efficient and the Hauler involved was really helpful in redoing my original contract to change it to Jita. I would recommend these guys anytime. Top Tier Corp especially when they go above and beyond.

Hello what can i say? I need to move alot of P3 PI mats from NS to Jita everything was done quickly without any issues or delays and more importantly at a very fair price. Also as i type i am sending them another contract.

fly safe people

Thank you so much for as quickly as possible delivery. You are awesome. :airplane: :dizzy:


What to say? Only positive! Saving my nervous system and most importantly time. @Moonfire Service Provider, as a suggestion, I wish to see CAR and SuperCAR transportation in your services.

намного удобнее и безопаснее чем самостоятельно возить

what would be a reasonable price for that kind of service?

отличный сервис, уже не один раз заказывал доставку шипов, через сутки уже были у меня, спокойно и быстро)

Thanks to you, the whole corp moved in a few days.

Use Moonfire for a couple of months both to & from nullsec, never had any issues, good service 5/5

As a new player to EVE, without the ability to move items safely in and out of null sec, I took the plunge and used Moonfire, to be honest with a degree of trepidation. All I can say it was unfounded, the service was simple to use, no issues and all contracts met. I would highly recommend others to use this great service without worry.

My experiences were and have always been positive, more than satisfied service and mediation with certain service providers from other players for assigned transport destinations, since I also speak Russian, regardless of this, he also speaks English. without stress, I didn’t set a time limit, as long as the stuff arrived as specified, everything was received, even if it was a courier order. It’s really cool that there are people who just work.

dirty spunks

I have used this service more than once and it has always been efficient and on time. It’s a ridiculously amazing service that gets the job done when you most need it. I was one of the people that was worrying about my assets getting saved from the FIRE evac and MOONFIRE got my stuff out with no hiccups.

Definitely 11/10 service!

Great service speedy and safe

Just used Moonfire Service Provider for the first time. I put in a courier contract last night around 10PM my time and everything was delivered by 4PM today. Absolutely amazing turn around time and the prices can’t be beat.

Holy ■■■■ this was fast. I totally recommend this service, prize is reasonable and my items were teleported to Jita less than a day! Going to use this service as long as it is available.

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Great service.