Covert Cyno Logistics Service / Jita area

Covert Cyno Logistics Service

I offer logistics services in the Covert Cyno area.

Location: Jita area or by prior arrangement.


Collateral 50 million ISK: You always pay the hotdrop KM first :wink:

100 Million ISK per Covert Cyno in Jita area

That’s 50 million ISK upfront and 50 million afterward.

I’m looking for trusted partnerships: The first Covert Cyno is for the collateral only per corporation/player to build up trust.

Covert Cynos outside the Jita area are possible, prices individually on request.

Contact in game: Marquis Andras

Plan your route here: Jump Planner - DOTLAN :: EveMaps

Wanted: Black Ops pilots for bridges from high sec to low sec in the Jita area.
Park your Black Ops in high sec and earn ISK just by bridging around in the Jita Area.

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