Covert Research Facility missing in w-space

Where are the Ghost Sites in W-space? Market prices for the implants have gone down so there must be supply. Just the sites seem to be completely gone in J-space. Any ideas? Am i just unlucky over the last weeks? Did i miss a patchnote to that topic?

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sleeper caches are also oddly missing from J-space.

Covert sites are still possible in WH space, but they are very rare – much more common (but still rare enough) in k-space.

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Have you found one in the last 3 weeks?

Didn’t find any for weeks and weeks, normally i find one a month more or less atleast one good one.

Yes, one gurista covert site about a week ago in a C3.

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they can spawn in higher class wormholes (C4+), so if you’re only searching in C1-C3, you may never find them.

Its always something special to find them, sometimes it takes a while even when scanning thousands of sigs per week in Jspace. I created this post after talking to other ppl who also scan a bit and they also did not find a single covert site in J-space. That could be just coincidence but it seemed a little odd. So if you find one, and you are willing to share this kind of information, please let us know.

Found a Superior Guristas in a C3 and one in a C4 in the last 24 hours, iam cured, finally. Case Closed…