CQC Fits for Pulse Lasers

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I’m a new player around the universe and I’m looking into some fun PvE gameplay when I’m not mining. From this perspective I also like the looks of lasers :slight_smile:.

While I’m not interested in going meta, the fits should be viable.

Since I don’t like restocking on Ammo I was wondering if theres the (viable) possibility to build CQC (Close Quarter Combat - short range) fits for the Maller / Harbinger and Apocalypse or if that would be too much wasted potential and completely off usage (intention).

I’m glad for your help.

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Why short range?

Because I like it close and personal. It’s just a flavor thing again.

With pulse lasers range is determined by your choice of crystal with multi-frequency giving the highest damage at the shortest range for T1 crystals. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turrets#Energy_turrets. Omen will be easier to fit for a new player because it has a hull bonus for capacitor usage. The Maller is a better choice for brawling because of it’s stronger tank if you have the fitting skills.

Also, don’t overlook the Confessor for PVE. It’s a relatively quick train and a lot of fun - bigger isn’t always better! https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Confessor

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This is not necessarily true. Actual Damage = Raw Damage * Precision, with range being part of the precision element not just in terms of optimal + falloff, but also in the sense that if you try to keep the enemy in range, then shorter range = higher traversal = lower precision. As such, damage modeling (eg. in Pyfa) would indicate that slightly longer range short-range crystals (eg. Ultraviolet) would inflict more damage against smaller/faster targets than the shortest range ammo. This is particularly important in PVE since most sites are predominantly small/fast rats.

OP is a self-proclaimed newbie, so he might not be ready to learn the art of fitting and damage modeling and I won’t go into that here; I just wanted to make him aware that greater raw damage doesn’t always correspond to greater actual damage. This is especially true for missiles: because of precision mechanics, Larger missiles often inflict less actual damage than smaller missiles (eg. in many cases, rockets inflict more actual DPS than XL Torpedoes), and T2 Rage/Fury missiles almost always inflict less damage than Non-Faction T1 missiles in typical use scenarios.

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