New Amarr Pilot - Beginner Fit

(Kahlen Knight) #1

Please help, I’ve started training up a new pilot with the Amarr tech tree and have never flown this race before.

I am trying to create a Combat PvE fit to fly with a friend.

We both intend to fly Punisher’s and run lvl 1 missions and combat sites.

Can someone please shed some light on a few good fits… looking at some of the specs I am finding it very daunting when it comes to turrets. Is range better then dps? and what about the tracking payoff?

I’ve attempted some quick math and come out with these stats:

Punisher Fit

Gatling Pulse Laser - Optimal Range/Falloff:4200m ±1000m RoF:2.1s Tracking:0.308125 Multiplyer:1.5x
Radio +60% (6720m) - 5 - 30 - 14dps
Standard ±0% (4200m) - 8 - 48 - 23dps
Multifrequency -50% (3150m) - 12 - 72 - 34dps

Small Focused Beam Laser - Optimal Range/Falloff:11000m ±2500m RoF:5s Tracking:0.09 Mulitplyer:4.5x
Radio +60% - (17600m) - 5 - 90 - 18dps
Standard ±0% - (4200m) - 8 - 144 - 29dps
Multifrequency -50% - (5500m) - 12 - 216 - 43dps

Is the lower tracking speed of the beam laser worth the extra dps? and will it even be able to hit the target (another frigate or destroyer) at those kind of ranges?

Thanks in advance for your help

(Kitty Bear) #2

Tacking v’s Range is subjective.

At short ranges Tracking is the most important attribute as it defines what you can hit easily.
At long to extreme ranges Tracking is mostly totally irrelevant.

The mechanics of turrets are fairly straight forward though & eve uni has several good guides that cover all the info.

fyi extreme range is
Optimal + (2.3 to 2.6) x Fall-off

(Vala Azar) #3

Beams, locus rigs, mwd and 2x adaptive nanoes + small repper is the way to go. At level 1 getting close is what takes time, that tank can do level 2’s as well.

Like this:

If you have low powergrid, switch one heat sink for micro aux.

For heavy incoming dps try cap batteries instead of prop mod and use dual small reppers. and watch out for webs.

Sometimes sensor booster is worth faster targeting time and targeting distance with the long range crystals.

In both fits use different crystals and set keep range at optimal.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #4

Personally I’d go pulse laser + multifrequency crystals + afterburner.

Light that AB, start up your small armor repairer, and charge them lvl1 pve reds in a corkscrew pattern yelling things like; “Leeeroooy Jeeenkiins!”, “It is a good day to die, KAPLAH!”, “Eat laser punk!”,“Purge them all!” etc.

Not as efficient, but more fun, in my opinion.

Punisher is a good little boat but - again just personal taste - I like the Executioner then the Imperial Navy Slicer when and if you feel like spending the isk for it.

Afterburner doesn’t give the raw speed a microwarpdrive would, but it is much lighter on the requirements to fit it and doesn’t bloom the ship’s electronic signature 500% (making it get hit more) like a microwarpdrive does.

Doing things with other players can often be more fun than solo, so you’re already got that going for you.

Good luck, may the Empress smile on you!

(Kahlen Knight) #5

With a couple more skills would it be better in your opinion to fly a Punisher and move into assault frigates or fly the Executioner and move to the Faction variant?

At the moment we are flying lvl 1 combat sites ‘1-1 Blood Hideaway’, maybe doing a ‘2 Blood Burrow’’ and potentially attempting a ‘1-2 Blood Hidden Hideaway’ or a ‘3 Blood Refuge’.

Mainly all frigates but the 1-2 and 3 have destroyers in.

(Vala Azar) #6

Coercer(destroyer) would be the next step with a nice optimal bonus - train to at least lvl 4. Fit it like the Punisher but be aware it has lesser resists although a little bit sturdier construction overall.

(Kahlen Knight) #7

Okay so taking all of your advice so far into account I have part of a fit ready to try and test out.

Using the Punisher

High Slots:
Turrets x4 - Small Focused Pulse Laser I (x3 damage multiplyer - best range (for pulse lasers) - however lowest tracking speed)
Ammo - Multifrequency (highest damage - reduces optimal range by 50% - however no cap hit)
[I have these grouped to fire at once on a single target]

Mid Slots:
Afterburner - Experimental 1MN Afterburner I
Stasis Web - Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I

Low Slots:
Armor Repper - Small ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I
Damage Controller - Internal Force Field Array I

I have three remaining low slots that I am unsure what to fit, I’m thinking along the lines of either damage dealing enhancers, tracking enhancers, or armor resistance enhances.

Rig Slots:
Three rig slots - currently need to train skills for rigs - suggestions again welcome.

(Vala Azar) #8

How’s your capacitor with the things you have fitted? If You’re going to be upfront I’d suggest adaptive resist plating (no agility hit and better armor resists while only using 1 powergrid - use two of them). Then a heatsink would up your dmg somewhat or a tracking enhancer to gain a little range and tracking. Rigs depending on your capstatus: if all good - one small energy collision (burst draws more cap) and two aux nano rep rigs; if not - small semiconductor and/or capacitor recharge rigs).

(system) #9

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