Crashes while navigating new forums - almost unusable

@ISD Stall

I use waterfox the 64 bit port of firefox - current version … on Windows 10 professional on a core i7 2630QM, 16 GByte RAM, Geforce gtx 460m
As said in the other threads - I just browse the new forum, use mousewheel to scroll down / up - and it happened now 5 or 6 times that the complete browser froze - I had to kill it over windows task manager.
Thats something new for me - maybe because the discourse forum is overloaded with scripts and what not…

I’ve just played around with waterfox, and I can’t replicate? for example, I can scroll freely

Discourse relies very heavily on scripting, but it’s not a resource hog and doesn’t normally kill or bog down the browser unless some browser plugin/extension/addon has a bad interaction with it.

Especially while scrolling in the thread that you mention I experienced 2 of my crashes … one while scrolling down with mousewheel - and upon reloading I had the next after scrolling up - JUST as I was hovering over the EVE Online icon in the topmost row.

I admit that I didnt had one after coming online this afternoon . I will keep watch and tell of my newer experience testing it

See if you can reproduce it in safe mode.

Did that . No change! … but as I said … today after downtime I haven’t experienced any crash YET

Hi there, can you let me know if you have had any more crashes.

  1. If you are still having issues, try disabling your plugins in-case something is not playing nicely with the forums.
  2. You may want to try another browser as well.

Let me know how you get on please.

Hey there @ISD Stall…

I dont know if I should be happy because I have a “feature” you dont have - but I just had another browser crash.
I WAS already running without plugins because I was still running in browser-safe mode of Firefox .
So I doubt it was any plugin - aside the fact that I only use the plugins my browser was delivered with - plus updates (java) …
This time it happened out of the blue sky - I wasnt even moving my mouse around because I was reading some posts and was just planning to answer to one … but bam … crash

I dont know what could be causing it … I use a 16 Mbit DSL line my windows 10 has all recent patches installed …

Builds a feeling it depends on the large part of client side scripting the discourse “forum” is using …