Having to log-in again every time I try to look at a thread, add a like, make a reply ets

For the past couple of weeks I find that I’m having to continually log-in whenever I try to do anything in the Eve forum - e.g whenever I open a thread in a new window, try to add a Like, try to make a Reply etc. If I Open New Topics in a new tab it tells me the page doesn’t exist or is private, but I can open it in the current tab OK. I’m using Firefox 66.0.3. I don’t see this behaviour on any other forum, and I haven’t changed any settings recently.

Can anyone suggest some way I could fix this ?

i dont use firefox … i use Chrome and Edge … i dont have any problems in that browsers


I didn’t have any problems with Firefox until a couple of weeks ago.

Probable your browser don’t store cookies on exit.

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It alwys did before, and I’ve checked the settings.

last firefox version?


Could be I suppose, not sure when it was last updated - the ‘History’ tab only shows a Kernel update, not the list of all updates I expected to see. I think I perhaps need to de-install and re-install Firefox. Not sure why it would only affect Eve forums though, everything else seems to be working OK.


Thanks, but I use the Mint distribution Firefox so, according to that page, I have to wait for Mint to update it.

wtf is Mint firefox?

what OS you run?


Linux. He need wait until his distribution will update firefox in repository.

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linux? ok … then forget all i wrote befor … sorry …


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Not at all, thank you for trying to help. I don’t like Chrome, but I do have it installed - I’ll try running the Eve forum on that instead.

yea could be a good thing to find out where the problem is


You might want to try Chromium. I believe Mint has it as a package. It’s basically the open source browser that Google base Chrome on - because they add their Google binaries into it.

I use Chromium on Debian Stretch (Buster is on my “to do” list) - Forums work perfectly well with it for me.

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It shows up on the package manager, so I’ll give it a try - thanks.

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