Create an *ACTUAL* Downside to Player Piracy

That might be true to a point, and I would guess it’s due to the lack of a reward for the efforts. That said, there does seem to be some disparity in “opportunity” as well.

The playstyle I’m talking about here, undocks all 8-10 of their -10 pilots when they have a specific target, obviously spotted by one of their 0+ alts. They warp straight to them and straight back to safety. The window of opportunity to nab them is very tiny - functionally approaching zero. And, even if you do get one, they’re often in disposable ships, so it’s not as lucrative.

Sure - if you happen to be nearby when a gank occurs, you might be able to catch their suspect hauler. That cargo/loot is then subject to the same loss as their piracy-kill was. It just circles back around to the point I was trying to make, which is that I think the Risk:Reward ratio favors player piracy. I just think it should be closer to equal somehow. One way of doing that is increasing the Risk side of that ratio.

You’re not alone. I personally don’t mind being hunted in lowsec, it leads to fun and meaningful interactions / conversations / etc.

When high sec was actually dangerous, it was full of variously-skilled pirates. That meant various level of skilled anti-pirates could white knight in the system. Local was an endless source of drama over who can-flipped who first, pinning the blame on the other, building reputations, etc.

CCP has nerfed High Sec precisely so it is only the high skilled, multi-account guys left. They’ve made it easier to haul in general. High Sec pirates have to go to great lengths to make it work, and generally that means it requires high skills (both “hard skills” on your character sheet* and “soft skills” in your noggin).

*OK, maybe not to fly a catalyst, but to orchestrate 10 accounts of various roles, ain’t easy…

That means anti-pirates have to be one step beyond that to be successful.

If you wanted to expand anti-player-pirate opportunities, there has to be player-pirates of a wider skill band. Otherwise instead of starting out on the local sporting field, you start out in the World Cup.

Restricting ganking further is not going to deliver the outcome you desire.


Yeah that makes sense. What I think you’re saying is “gankers have a lot more opportunity”. Right?

It is hard to increase the risk on somebody who is already guaranteed to lose everything. In fact, if gankers were reduced to only “risking” their ships then it would be vastly less challenging for them.

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Again, the solution is simple. Players need to take some personal responsibility. The onus lies with the gank target to be vigilant, pay attention to spikes in local, and flag known ganker groups, scouts, and loot hauler alts. You can’t do that if you’re AFK.

If you are running missions in an L4 hub known for being a ganker haven, and you undock in a 4 billion ISK battleship, that’s on you…

Oooh I like this response! This gives me something to ponder. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I once undocked to do a level 4 mission and dscan was filled with multiple flights of combat probes. It didn’t seem like a good time to Netflix and chill while hitting F1.

I guess the other guys hadn’t heard of dscan? Or maybe they thought somebody was looking for abandoned drones?

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If you deploy an MTU in an L4 SOE mission, you’re basically begging for it. On the upside, depending on the mission you are running, mission runners have somewhat of a defense in the form of acceleration gates. If you are in a mission with 3 or 4 rooms, you can see gankers coming from a thousand miles away because they can’t warp directly to you. They have to take each and every gate…

Why are they even on the game if it’s just to have something on screen while they do dishes or go pick up the kids at school?
It would be cheaper to just put a movie on and let it run.

Or is there something illegal going on with all that isk? Are some players selling PLEX on the black market and that’s where this isk-thirst is coming from?

Botting and RMT are typically the realm of nullsec, as there isn’t that much ISK to be had AFK’ing in high sec unless you have an Orca and 20-Hulk fleet doing ice anoms all day every day. The players that AFK in high sec want EVE to be something that it is not and never has been. They want a perfectly safe version of Farmville in space…


Just reading that makes me want to gank them and grief them until they cry and quit.

So there is a black market for PLEX?
It would explain why some people dream of isk every waking hour and cry bloody murder when a change means that their isk-per-hour will decrease.
It’s very unhealthy for a game.

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If this is not the proof of game being extremely in favor of defense against ganking then I don’t know what is.

Anyone can use these mechanics and be untargettable and thus ungankable.

Still it isn’t 100% safety, and there are more options that you just haven’t think of yet.

Plus yet again we are having this situation where single player/ship is trying to stop the gank of 8+ players/ships and thinks that it is not balanced when he cannot do that.

He has enough dps even if you catch one of the ships at undock anyway so you just can’t win no matter what because you are just one sole player against many (the fact that he is multiboxing and is not 8 real players is another discussion).

What you are even expecting? That you catch all 8-10 undocking catalysts with one gnosis or slasher or whatever you use? How would that be any balanced at all?

This is true. Antigankers are generally not exactly good at what they are doing.

There are several reasons for that.

Most antigankers:

  • lack persistency
  • lack knowhow
  • lack numbers
  • lack skill

On the other side, most gankers:

  • are very persistent
  • they know absolutely everything about game mechanics and what they can do with/against them
  • they are willing to pay $$$ or ISK and multibox several accounts for their purpose (fleeting up with other players isn’t really an option because of how time exhausting, time limited and boring this activity is + the recent alpha nerf made many casual corp-member gankers quit/cease doing it)
  • they are highly skilled

Antigankers seems to just expect to log in at any time with 1 account and get these kills handled to them on a silver platter, but that is not how PvP in this game works. Unlike other games the PvP (with exception of Proving Grounds) is not instanced. You need to find your target and that can take hours! And you pay to fund PvP most of the time (even some gankers pay to be able to gank - that is my case for example, I do not make profit doing what I am doing). And then the actual combat is done in matter of seconds.

Unlike modern games you often have to spend several hours to get the single kill. Gankers (and other PvPers) are willing to do that, so why should you unwilling to do that be successful and have a Zkillboard full of high-value kills?

Which is another thing - because the loss of the ship is guaranteed, gankers are using as cheapest ship as they can. Which then naturally lowers the satisfaction for you Antiganker people who then spend hour working to get that single kill only for it to be a lousy 12mil catalyst LOL. But again, this is just a result of how nerfed ganking is and the more you nerf it the harder and less impacting it will be for AG as well. Because the less gankers there is, and the lesser their activity is, the less targets for AG there is. It is simple equation and the last set of nerfs to ganking hit AG heavily (along side gankers).


What a cute forum post!

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its you :slight_smile:

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You actually didn’t shoot a -10 player and died to FacPo, you shot a positive sec character which is why you died.

It is possible to camp the undock but why would you? We live here and keep the system safe and secure for those who live here! We have been doing this for years.

If someone wants to mine - they can by paying tribute - it’s how the game works.



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Seems like what we’ve arrived at is the only payoff in counter-ganking is the actual “honor” of preying upon a harder target.

I hadn’t thought of it that way, and it makes it sound a little more fun - after all, I’ve always enjoyed putting bullies in their place. Might just get a few scars along the way.

Love and hugs @Maplefox - you’re my favorite. :smiling_imp:

Still do! You haven’t killed me yet! :rofl:

of course… I haven’t killed you either so…