Create immersiveness in the EVE universe


There are many improvements that can be made in the game.

For example, system 0 is 80% empty space. In the other 20s, it’s a grind. The danger is only from the side of the players.

What prevents the NPC of France from becoming an active faction with a fleet, economy / production / production that can be destroyed or plundered?

They will claim the surrounding territories and attack anyone who is in the way (Players) of their expansion, including other faction NPCs.

Imagine that if you do not touch the NPCs in one region, after some time they will destroy all the strongholds and begin to expand into neighboring regions.

This will turn 0 into a really hostile space where you have to fight and not a farm with anomalies.
Bedet opened a huge layer of congtent for alliances at 0.

Or factional wars. Here we must ask the question, but how does this affect the universe of the game? Imagine that the Goonswarm Federation in full force has entered for one of the parties. What will change besides the stage of the war? Thousands of players, hundreds of supercapital ships and no result. There is no change in highsec borders, faction behavior (reaction to victory or defeat), for example, installation of monuments to the most productive pilots, bonuses for participants in the form of preferential repairs on the territory of the faction, help when requesting from an alliance participating in the militia (for example, with a large contribution, the empire can send a fleet on request to protect the citadel).
The war must be fought along the border of empires and not aside.

  • I predict that the update of faction wars will be cosmetic, the order of getting LP and the way of changing the stage of the war will change.

Similarly, the growth of Sleepers in wormholes.
Make strongholds, they will send stronghold “seeds” through wormholes (can be intercepted, prevented from being planted). There will also be industry/mining. When the limit is reached, fleets will be sent through wormholes to all parts of space, other factions will fight them, because. they will attack everyone they meet.

Create a living world that lives by its own laws. Players will not be workers on monotonous plantations, but will really influence the world.
Turning highsec into nullsec and vice versa would be really cool. (naturally with the resistance of the controlling faction)

And such options for immersion in the EVE universe can come up with a lot, but not a single one will be implemented.

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It sounds like you are almost ready to become a Highsec ganker. Come join us, and help us to defeat the bots and save the miners from themselves.


What about mission runners? Don’t discriminate, they need saving too.

[MI]ssion run[NER]


No Miners in the casino

I dunno why but I lolled at that more than I needed to.


What you have said is extremely hard to put in and if CCP tried they would likely break a bunch of other things along with it.

Best we will likely see is more graphics updates and so on. Just not realistic to add in all these details and small things with NPCs and Wormholes.

We are seeing that as CCP writes the stories of how the four empires interact with each other.

Stay realistic OP EVE is not a space sim like Elite Dangerous Or Star Citizen. It’s a detailed space themed third person MMO. Played by a bunch of min/maxers, indy people, and pvpers

No matter what you suggest or do OP. EVE being a third person game of this nature just loses out on immersion points. It’s all ISK grinding/pvping in the end.

There is some truth in your words about implementation difficulties. However, we see how each individual element is already or was in the game.
NPC citadel are there, NPC fleets that attack players and their structures have been (drifter invasion), NPC mining is there, NPC trucks are. Link these elements into a single system and get what I suggested.
The story from CCP is the kind of thing that many people have heard about but not seen. In my memory for 8 years of the game, there was an event with the coronation in the amar and the battle of the amar with the drifters. And that’s all I remember. Somehow there is little history and changes in the game are not visible.
The game is not supposed to be a simulator, but I would really like the player to be able to visually observe the change in the game from their actions, how the borders, relations between factions, etc. change.
Such opportunities will increase the popularity of the game.
Now there is a decrease in online and a hyperconcentration of players in large teams. It is not difficult to see that this negatively affects the game. More variety of activities - more players - a livelier game, a simple pattern.


I dont get how you fail to see that cheering on a Null Alliance is exactly the same in broad terms as cheering on a NPC Empire, except that actual people are achieving the things that NPCs would be credited with under your idea.

I am not in alliances, I just fly around the universe and do what I want. I often go to 0. Alas, I met many empty systems, systems in which I heard “we farm, no PVP”.
Perhaps anchor flying and pressing the F1 button on command along with a hundred of the same pilots really changes the game, but I highly doubt it.
The war has passed, there are empty systems without people, activity in home systems, and then what is the point of war?
As for me, a living world is better, if there was a war with NPCs, then they are not in the system on an ongoing basis. You see it and it can change. And now everything is extremely dull, 25 systems and 0 people :frowning:

Which isnt what you get with NPCs

You get the Triglavian Event, whenre CCP decides the outcome months in advance and you can play pretend that you did a thing that made a change.

One thing Ill say for Null, and I dont say a lot good, is they are actual people doing stuff.


I have doubts about real people.
Real people cannot go through anomalies around the clock on Ishtars and run away at the station when the local chat changes.
This is one of the diseases of the game, it has such a monotonous farm that it is authorized and the developers introduce mechanics against this (NPC capitals).

More NPCs means more farming though.

EVE and Elite Dangerous are excellent foils in some aspects.

EVE is were the players determine stuff. (for the most part) Meaning w/o us the galaxy would grind to a screeching halt.

Elite is were the empires there would not care if all the commanders (players) vanish. Events still roll on.

I see what you mean about increased detail. There is a line were it gets too detailed for little to no gain. I do get what you are saying OP. Stellaris fills this void for me in this aspect. There are so many games that are getting more detailed in this regard.

I am looking for a very detailed space game. (Keeping tabs on some being developed) This is easier done via 4x/single player harder to do in an MMO.

Actually, the best place of NPC empires doing their stuff is probably the X series.

Those guys will truck on and building and war and such even if you dont exist or leave the PC running

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I totally agree with this. Given the in-game status in which NPCs get tougher as the security level decreases, you’d think that in null there would be entire mega-tough alliances of NPCs swarming systems and the null carebears having to fight tooth and claw to hold on to their systems.

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yay that means I do stuff well in my vexor


I’ve long suggested that allowing individual players to be part of multiple factions would shake the game up nicely. For example two players could both be members of entirely different nullsec alliances…yet both be part of some other individual faction as well. One could even have secret factions, underground movements, etc, all coded into the game. The current system is way too pyramidal a structure and what one needs is some horizontal power structures that can potentially oppose that.

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