Creation of a Sub Office to the current Office Rentals!

So I have been thinking about recent changes to the corporation hangers and how to easily set up and have a well-organized Blueprint Library for my Corp members to have access to use/ Research/Make Copies, but yet not take my blueprints. And currently, you can do this by renting an office and making one of your hangers contain the BPOs and setting the permissions up properly, but then all the BPOs are scattered and not organized as you can’t put them in containers any longer… and this still leaves room for error and your BPO’s are gone for good. The solution would be for CCP to add a Blueprint Library, That Corp Owners/CEO and Directors can rent alongside the office, that adds a whole new drop-down tab below corporation hangers, and allow us to make as many drop tabs below as needed or with a set amount of tabs but the ability to make many sub-tabs/or allow containers but whatever we need to organize it the way we would like, and by default the only people that can put in or take from it is CEO/Director’s, but all members can see and use it, giving, they are assigned a new permission added- Blueprint Researcher- who can make copies and research them, they can also add Blueprint Manager Who can add And move them around but not take. And by default when they make copies they go right to their personal hangers. any thoughts?

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