Creation of the Citizens Lounge channel

Saisieni summiteers,

Since I became a Capsuleer, shortly before the Triglavian Invasions, I have observed that whilst there are a fair number of international, Amarrian and Minmatar channels, there are no channels which exclusively service Caldari Capsuleers. In response to this, I have decided to take the intitiative to start one.

The Citizens Lounge went live a few days ago, and personal invitations have already been sent out to those who organized events for Capsuleers during this year’s Union Day celebrations. This channel operates on a whitelist basis. The only criteria for admission are (1) that you are currently a citizen of one of the Megacorporations whose CEO has a seat in the CEP, and (2) that you are not currently supporting a foreign power or organization which is hostile towards the State or the Big Eight. Anyone who meets these two criteria and wishes for access is welcome to send me a message to express such.

It is my hope that the existence of this channel will provide Caldari Capsuleers with a place where they can speak to, and make acquaintance with, their compatriots in a secure environment.


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