Criminals and gank failures

Just a new post to promote and post any action taken against criminals and gankers .

People alway go on about the actions of gankers and how unbalanced the game is in their favour. I see many many actions that are never reported which end in ganker defeat or loot denial or just simply we got in there way and put them off.

So I’ll start .

Training op last night with fast tackle and DPS support
Novus Ordo were attacking mining ships around poinen.
So we waited at the entry gate they use, our scout reported they had undocked and Empowered Black women was trying to bait our scout , she is I believe their scout .
He had orders not to fire , a few minutes later they jumped the gate, right into our waiting trap . All 3 T2 catalyst died .

That was a successful training op and gankers failed

You just have to make the effort , we all used cheap ships and had some new player , so skill requirements are low so anyone can do it . Main thing the fleet was fun and enjoyable to do


In terms of the imbalance, there are a few, such as loot scooping through a noob ship, or that the freighters need to have the possibility to fit a BS MWD to make it more dynamic at least for the solo hauler.

In terms of getting in the way of gankers, setting up to catch them on the gates is an excellent way to stop them and is something solo AG can do very effectively and cheaply, though the ganker has to have a negative security status that enables anyone to attack them.

This is a very effective and cheap AG ship for this type of operation:

[Crucifier, Crucifier]
IFFA Compact Damage Control
200mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
F-89 Compact Signal Amplifier

Balmer Series Compact Tracking Disruptor I
F-90 Compact Sensor Booster
1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Faint Scoped Warp Disruptor

Dual Afocal Light Maser I
Dual Afocal Light Maser I

Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Ancillary Current Router I

Warrior II x3
Acolyte II x6

Scan Resolution Script x1
Optimal Range Disruption Script x1
Radio S x2

Simply set up one of your overviews to show criminal security status, then sit at 0 on the gate. Have the sensor booster running and the guns, tracking disruptor and point pre-selected. When the ganker jumps through the gate set the AB running, drop drones, and get ready to lock them when they are out of the gate cloak. Orbit the ganker ship at 20 km and they are helpless. Even a Thrasher with arty barely impacts you.

The counter is that they may fit a prop mod or a warp core stab, but that is akin to making miners fit a tank. Enjoy the mayhem…


Creating content like a boss.

You’re one of the good ones Githany.


While I agree with you that Githany is one of the good ones, I doubt very much that you have any idea who the other goods ones are. For start you would not know about certain people who have saved many ships by repping them enough so they survive.

You have no idea how many Tornado gankers give up by merely parking a HIC next to them.

But you can of course make what I assume perhaps wrongly snarky comments about people who use DPS. Hazen has forced many Tornado gankers to log or give up, and yet you have no idea of this when you make such posts.


Admittedly I do go for the bang bang option, Ew and reps are far more effective in reality unless you have lots of DPS pilots. Oh and I do love the Ew burst , it’s a challenge just getting to the gank fleet .

And on that point my corp creates the content and I just take part and post but thxs all the same


Sounds like you’re jealous he called glithany a good player but doesn’t call you one.


Seems like you are overthinking things in a desire to have a dig at me, but I have to ask, am I supposed to care what gankers and ganker shrills think about me in this game?


Seems like you care a lot. Otherwise, why respond at all?


That is a pretty pathetic assumption, in your desire to have a dig.

But I should explain, Scipio for a long time was one of the more intelligent Ganker aligned posters on these forums, however he cannot help but make snide little digs like the one he did on Hazen and he has been doing this more and more often. I reserve the right to point it out to him, and it is especially interesting as Githany just admitted to do DPS AG for fun. And why not do it for fun?

You can also be an intelligent poster, but you often let yourself down, just like you did above.




Calm down ganker. You must be upset over that Catalyst, it was only one though.



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Leave Dracvlad a lone , he was right what he says and it’s me that killed the gankers , its me that’s telling people about loot denial ask cargo bandit what they lost .
It’s me that inspires pilots to rid the sky’s of your killing machines and people like Dracvlad play a much bigger part than I ever will.

Not that you ever admit to a loss, thats what this thread is for. For people to write their stories of how you fail more and more.


ROFL. Why all the hate? Cause he didn’t name you? You don’t even know Thotamon’s name ROFL. And you out here trynna rep for him?

You’ve barely been in Uedama and now you’re attempting to brand yourself as some sort of AG savior? I never see you out there risking a ship bro.

You have no idea either. You don’t undock :smiley:

LOL at the white knighting.

Course you do. You made a whole post about it ROFL.

DPS is more efficient than Ewar. Once DPS drops, gank chances of being successful plummet. But then you don’t undock or actually AG so.

Hell to the absolute no. Maybe you’re trynna be humble but you play a much larger role than Drac.

All he does is theory craft, like his fail cruc fit. He doesn’t actually undock or AG. He’s docked in Uedama, he ain’t out there fighting like you.

Honestly, I can say with absolute certainty that you and @Aiko_Danuja create content for EVE Online. You are both hugely beneficial to this game.

Drac? He is basically just a nullkrab who is an AG poser. His idea of helping is supposedly modding the AG intel channel and shushing people when they talk :smiley:

Don’t ever think he does more than you. Truly.

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Oof. I know you don’t undock but gankers fit prop mods all the time. Without prop, you’re dead in the water. But I get why you don’t know. GL when they burn toward you and web you :smiley:

A brutal and decisive blow indeed!



Your sucking up to Aiko and Githany is nauseating.


Huh. maybe a Drac alt since you must share a vamp obsession huh?

As for sucking up, it is the truth. Drac literally does nothing in game but nag in the AG gank channel, stay docked and krab on his alt.

He literally offers nothing to the greater EVE universe. People should be praised for generating actual player content.

But then I see from your post history you seem to bear Githany some type of ill will which is surprising considering she pretty much just RPs and chills.

Its ok :smiley: I’m sure you just crave attention and that’s perfectly natural.


It feels like this thread might be getting a little off the rails.

Anyway, I usually don’t do anti-ganking, but I did want to tell one story (again).

Early in my career, I was mining with a buddy. He was dual boxing a miasmos and retriever, and fell asleep in the belt. When a known ganker showed up in system, I tried yelling across comms to wake up, but he had taken off his headphones or something. So, I reshipped into a talos. Sure enough, the ganker showed up in belt. I was able to put some damage on him, but he still managed to kill the miasmos. I figured the problem was that I took too long to lock him. So, while he had a criminal timer, I refit with a scripted sebo. then we he came back to get the retriever, I was able to delete him from the the field. Saved the retriever and got my first solo kill that day.

No P2W