Crimson Harvest 2021 First day Summary

I was having a hard time finding sites to run in Minmatar High Sec space due to an abundance of competition. I was doing the Hacking sites and it took days just to get to 300 points. Was flying my Loki and about 1/2 dozen times I lost out on getting to the can first due to other players flying small fast agile Frigates.

I then remembered somebody mentioned in this thread there were tons of sites available in Ammatar space. So I switched from my Loki to my Cheetah and did a refit to give me 1.93s align time and 1263 m/s speed. Also bumped my scan strength up from 113 points to 129 points.

I then studied the map for a location in Ammatar space with low population count, went there and plotted a loop route consisting of 35 jumps. Within a few hours I found a bunch of sites and almost doubled the amount of points that took me days to get. I even found a few systems with multiple sites in them.

@The_Larold The best way to find event sites is to check map stats for large areas with low population count. Go there, set up a route to travel and you’ll definitely find sites to run like I did.


This is the way - for any event that can be done in highsec.


@DeMichael_Crimson Quick question - assuming the in-game map is too difficult for me to use (vision impairment), what’s the best way to use Dotlan to assess low population? Browse various hi-sec regions and look for systems with low numbers of jumps over the last 24 hours? Is there some filter I’m not remembering that shows me systems with relatively few people that have been in the system at one time? Any refreshers on best methodology to use dotlan would be much appreciated. Historically I’ve just tried to find a long series of 1-to-1 connections leading to a dead-end cluster and see what’s there; sometimes it works sometimes not.

Thanks for any advice.

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Sorry but I don’t use Dotlan maps, maybe somebody else can help you with that.

However for the in-game map (not beta version), to get a good idea of system activity just color the stars with the following options and view stats - pilots in space, amount of jumps, amount of ship / pod kills, etc.

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Thanks - I’ll give it a shot. Flatten option should help me out a bit, if they still support that.

Yes, that option is still available and it’s the mode I use for viewing the map.

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I don’t know what your standings are or where you’re located at but Derelik Region in Ammatar space is a pretty good location with little competition for event sites.

Course I’m doing Hacking sites and haven’t been paying attention to the amount of combat sites in the area.

Also the route I do is about 35 jumps that does a loop back around to where I started from.

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As you are doing them in highsec, what level and core do they have? Also crappy loot of about 2-3M each, right?

The actual good ones (~30-80M) are the hubs in Derelik lowsec (as announced). They are level 4 scan difficulty and have an “über“ red core hacking maze.

However the node sites in lowsec have level 3.5 scan difficulty and a normal red core maze, but the crappy loot not worth bothering with it.

EDIT: The 3.5 comes from the fact that they are shown as 3 but I can‘t scan them down with combat probes like any other level 3 site, and all event sites before with an unbonused ship. They are not level 4 as scanning the hubs which are truly 4 need more scans.

It‘s a bit weird this time, but again profitable and fun to explore a new region.

Well, I don’t know what level they are. These are high sec sites but they’re tough to scan down. I have max scan skills with 129 scan strength on probes, I start with 8au probe scan radius, takes 3 or 4 scans and can’t get 100% lock until .25au radius.

About the Hacking itself, sometimes I can run through it once and complete it, about half of the time I fail the hack 2 or 3 times. All the ones I’ve seen have a red core.

As for loot, some drop a lot and others drop a little. Haven’t bothered to check ISK value but I did get a 21st Tier OPE worth 80mill in one drop.

Right now I have 510 Agency points, figured I won’t be able to get the 900 points so I’ve been jumping on both Tetrimon and Crimson sites just to get as much loot as I can.

Interesting. The level is shown when you hover over the result when it gets yellow and showing that it is a data site. If there are level 4 sites in highsec this would be interesting. Knowing the level helps you to reduce scan time, as you can ignore all non matching early.

Do they escalate or is it only for combat sites? I only did them for one evening, so my sample may be too small.

Didn’t know about it showing the level while scanning, will have to check it out.

No escalation, don’t think any hacking sites actually do that. Combat sites will escalate but very doubtful the event combat sites do that.

According to CCP’s Pulse video, the event combat sites have a chance of escalating, probably just null sec.

TL;DR: Not comfortable with armor tanking - could someone check my Praxis fit below, as I’ve never flown one. My main goal is to survive my first combat event site attempt, with a secondary goal of not taking painfully forever.

I’m not at all comfortable with armor tanking yet - just very little experience. Don’t want to spend a lot of $$ for an armor-tanked ship only to lose it the first attempt.

Thinking a Praxis non-bling passive shield fit.

6 RHML with EM Fury heavies. Nos in the 7th slot for a little cap income

Mids: 4 LSUs, 1 passive EM and 1 passive Therm hardener. 1 Active muli-spectrum hardener for shields.

Lows: 5 shield power relay IIs and 2 ballistic control II’s

Rigs: 2 large core defense field purgers (for shield recharge) and one large shield explosive rig.

Brings shield resists to EM / Therm 64, Explosive 60, and Kin 48, with a massive shield buffer + recharge rate.

I’d really like to try to keep the conversation away from “I use an X instead”, when X is anything besides a Praxis; otherwise I won’t know whose advice to follow; too many possibilities.

The fit above is mostly Tech II and uses 99+ % of CPU with my skills, but can fit in Pyfa. I’m open to suggestions of modifying this fit. Most of my core skills are at V, so if this passive shield regen is by chance overkill (I have a hunch it’s not), happy to consider higher DPS fits.


Derelik/Heimatar is where I normally hang out. The ones in non-hisec Derelik and some other region spawn them, the Dark Blood variant of the Crimson Sites. I think the Tetrimon version say “Advanced” something or other. Memory fails me as I only noticed in passing. I’ve seen them in Uplingir, Khabi, Astabih, Ubtes, etc. Those system are typically hunted though, so wouldn’t recommend consider all the webs, scrams and such from the NPCs.

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So both Low and Null sec combat sites escalate?

Obviously that doesn’t apply to the High Sec combat sites…

Does anyone fleet up for this stuff? Sounds like everyone solos them. A fleet of like 10 ships with 1 or 2 Logi could clear them and get everyone steady points.

Don’t think the points can be shared since the kill goes to the highest damage…

And there’s only 1 Boss NPC in the site…

Plus a super big hassle trying to split up the loot…

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You seem a bit high on buffer and recharge, bit low on damage application and resists. If I was running the event I’d probably look at something with a bit less focus on buffer/regen. Something along these lines: Fit: Praxis, Alpha Fit HS Crimson Harvest by DerHexer Shi | EVE Workbench

Disclaimer: I haven’t run any sites this year, as even mild events in other games are more worthwhile to run than EVE events these days, and there are several going on currently.

This is awesome - super to-the-point and addresses my worries. Thanks - I’ll go check out this link right away. Thanks many times over.

EDIT: Serendipity strikes: Got a great price on the ship and had almost every mod for the fit. Will head out, find some low-crowded areas, and let everyone know how it goes.

Quick question - would this fit you linked work for both Crimson and Tetrimon combat event sites?

That fit is omni with regards to resists, so doesn’t care which site it goes to. You can potentially remove the AB to fit another resist module, which you would customize to the site, same with the missile damage type. (Keeping in mind that Praxis is really slow, but you don’t have to travel much)

I believe it was mentioned that Blood Raider sites do a lot of EM/Therm damage and Tetrimmon sites do more kinetic, though I haven’t checked it.

You can compare that design to this one, which has more customizable resistance modules.

Your DPS will be mostly missiles, as drones get focused. You can deal with that in various ways - bring drones with high shield HP and recall them a lot, bring cheap drones and use them as expendables, or clear smaller ships first and use drones on the BS at the end.

(Also, use whatever damage application modules work best for your character’s skills - take ship designs as a guideline and customize them to what works best for your pilot.)