Cripple Creek goes Wormhole - Recruiting More!

In a small corner of the Eve Universe, we were forged by the heat of our irons, the strength of our arms, and the bloodshed of combat. We’ve risen from the ashes of corporate abandonment to become the group we are today.

Cripple Creek has enjoyed several years in Sov Null, but recent wars had us move out for a while. We’re now residing in a Wormhole, enjoying the benefits, and really testing the new waters for ISK profitability.

Would you like to know more?

We are an older in life, older in character group of players who find as much enjoyment in sociability with each other as in playing the game. We love having newer players as well as vets of the game. From all walks of life, we enjoy playing nightly during the USTZ, with a few players available during EUTZ. That being said, you need to have a thick skin, as we razz each other routinely, but it’s all in good fun and comradery. Come in with a bad attitude, you’ll leave in a pod.

Cripple Creek is primarily a PvE/Mining group. We’re gearing up for the ability for moon mining in WHs along with owning all of our POCOs now. We PvE in the next-door statics, and there’s almost always a high-sec or low-sec static a handful of jumps from a trade hub. When a site will provide 50-100m in a short amount of time, the isking potential is pretty grand! Not to mention gas-huffing, rock mining, and the occasional jumping of neuts.

So here’s the highlights:

• PvE in wormhole sites for ISK / Sleeper salvage
• Mining in belts, set up for mining off moons come winter
• Facilities for building, research, invention on hand
• High-sec HQ for storing BPOs in safety. Keep it light in the WHs for your own safety
• We can teach you everything we’ve learned living in J-space. We have an Apple, and he’s got a breadth of knowledge.
• We have a Dov. He’s been here longer than you. A veteran since the beta, he’s forgotten more than most of us know. He can get curmudgeonly, but he’s not going anyplace. You have been warned.

Who we want:
• People willing to learn and participate in Corp operations
• Being on comms – TS3 is our platform and you’ll need it for the interview
• Enjoyment of PvE and/or Mining
• You MUST be able to fly a Rattlesnake or Dominix and use Heavy/Sentry drones. Also, you should be able to fly a Venture with Gas Harvesters, a Procurer with Strip Miner I’s, or better. This will allow you to participate with the rest of us. We may require you skill up some things before joining, but it’s only for survivability.
• Good-hearted folks. We’re loud, gruff, but we’re always looking out for each other. You should have the same mindset.

** We are not accepting Alpha accounts at this time **
Go over to, and fill out an application!

Why haven’t you applied?

Just DO IT!!

Beep, Beep goes the sheep.

Get on in here!

It’s a new day, and new connections! Want to try out WH space? Come give Cripple Creek a shot.

What class wh are you in?

C4 Wormhole

Looking for tons of steady players - people that log in 4+ times a week. If that’s you, come join us. USTZ ideal!!

Hit me up about some corp possibilities. thanks

Talon Karda in game
fakawi#2802 discord

Come explore WH space with us!!

Come fly with me, come fly - come fly a-way…

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